For the Love of Road Trips



As I came across this fun engagement shoot captured by JamieY Photography, I couldn’t help but feel like I was on a road trip with the lovely couple. Maybe that’s because this engagement shoot takes place in the desert outside of Las Vegas and looks like the scenic route I’ve taken a couple times on road trips before. Or maybe it’s because of the vintage signage and trucks that feel as though I’m just passing through.

Regardless of why, I love the take on using already established buildings and props to make for a fun and enjoyable engagement shoot. Feeling inspired? Visit the last blog post for my Road Trip Outfit Essentials.

Caria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB44_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB46_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB30_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB36_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB4_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB14_low Caria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB21_low Caria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB25_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB79_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB72_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB96_low Caria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB89_low Caria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB83_lowCaria_Munson_JamieY_Photography_AB105_low

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