Bridal Boot Camp: Week 5 {Back & Shoulders}



You made it to week 5 of Bridal Boot Camp. Thanks for following along and remember to check out the previous weeks so that you can put them together and modify the workouts to cater to your needs.

For Week 5 we will be focusing on the back and shoulders. In most wedding dresses the back and shoulders are typically shown so these areas should be a focus if you are getting married in the next couple months. Like me!

My trainer Dave from Elite Fitness has me do these moves to tone my back and define my shoulders. Let’s get started!

1.) Upper back weight lifts


With right knee forward and left leg back, hold weight in left arm and right fore-arm resting on right knee. Lift left elbow with weight towards ceiling keeping close to body. Repeat 15 times each side.

2.) Superman


Laying on stomach with elbows out on each side as shown, lift shoulders and legs up towards each other and back down. Repeat 20 times.

3.)Forward shoulder push


Standing with feet together and bend in knees, hold 8-10 lb. weight in both hands. In one motion push weight forward and left leg back. Alternate legs each time and repeat 20 times.

4.) Twist Lift


With 5-8 lb. weights in each hand and feet together, place elbows close to side and weights out and a few inches above elbow level. In one motion push elbows out  and wrists down with weights. Bring back to starting position. Repeat 20 times.

With these workouts you will tone your shoulders and back for a fit figure in your wedding gown.



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