Trick or Treat: Halloween Do’s & Don’ts



Do: Have a good time! Enjoy dressing up, eating candy, giving candy, and checking out all of the unique and adorable costumes.

Don’t: Ask ‘so what/who are you supposed to be?’. Everyone thinks that their costume is obvious and the most epic costume ever so just go along with it. (in front of them at least) 😉

Do: Hand out kid’s favorite kind of candy (Snickers, Skittles, Reese’s, etc.)

Don’t: Hand out toothpaste, toothbrushes, granola bars or apples- no kid is going to eat those over candy and only labels your house as the ‘no fun’ house. B-o-r-ing.


Do: Turn your porch light on to indicate that you are open for candy business.

Don’t: Scare little kids with a chainsaw when they enter your lawn (this happened to me when I was little and I never wanted to go back to that neighborhood!)

Do: Dress up like your favorite hero, TV or Disney character

Don’t: Wear the least amount of clothes possible and pull it off as a ‘sexy’ nurse, firefighter, grandma or nun. It may be Halloween but that doesn’t mean to lose your class for the day.


Do: Dress your dog or pet up as funny character or object. Why? Because it’s freaking adorable!

Don’t: Dress up like your dog. Just wrong.

Do: Relive past costume stories. You can learn a lot about someone. For instance, Chris once was a fairy for Halloween. Some may think that’s weird but I think that shows his humor. Find out why he did that on Chris’s Corner.

Don’t: Wear a costume from 10 years past. It was worn in that decade for a reason… no longer relevant.


Do: Use your little niece or nephew to get candy for you. No harm, no foul?

Don’t: Start talking to some other little kid to get candy for you. Creepy!



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