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Happy Halloween Corner followers!

It’s that time of year when the leaves start changing, the weather gets a bit colder and the fireplaces are roaring! It’s also that time of year when holidays are stacked up on one another month after month! Or at least the important ones. Tomorrow is Halloween and to be honest, I don’t have a costume…but Des and I are going to be doing a little treating, no tricking. We are taking off to…downtown Seattle tomorrow night! Scary? Nah. Exciting? Yes! Tourists in our own city on a night where anything goes is very exciting. Be sure to check out our IG account, I am sure there will be lots of pictures.

For some reason I don’t have the same drive to dress up this year as I have in years’ past, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the holidays. Some of my best outfits came from when I was in college. Most of these pics have since been deleted seeing that almost all of them were somewhat inappropriate. My first year I was Tinker Bell while my buddy was Peter Pan. (I lost the bet). That year was full of hurdles and dressing up like a fairy didn’t help my cause. New baseball team, new college, new friends…Tinker Bell.

My Sophomore year was a classic outfit that only my fellow student-athletes would have understood so I will let it rest…RIP haha.

Junior year – one of the better costumes I remember. I was mustard while my buddy was ketchup. Different buddy, just as much fun! We had giant tube-like costumes that were labeled “mustard” and “ketchup” in case people couldn’t figure it out. We stuck to house parties that year and while there were no competitions, we won.

The year that shall go down in history as one of the better costume years is when my buddy and I were both dice. These costumes had DIY written all over them. Under them, well there wasn’t much there. We were giant boxes with batting and pelt dots stuck to the boxes. After our celebrations at our own house, a group of us went to downtown Portland and took 2nd place in a costume contest at one of the local speak easies. History books.

Enough about me! What are you going to for Halloween this year? OR, are you going the opposite route and touring your city like Des and I are? Shhhh….don’t tell her, it’s a surprise date.

Talk to you soon!


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