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Welcome Back Everyone!

Well I had quite the time a few weekends back. Well….Des and I had quite the weekend in NYC!!!

I am not sure if you knew this, but I went to NYC with Des for her new bridal line debut. What an amazing experience. I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished. She is literally living her dream right now as a designer. Very exciting! Have you ever been to a bridal fashion show? Let me tell you…different. All girls…well mostly. And EVERYONE seems to have the itch…! But, I had a really good time and will go back with Des when she has her next line debut for sure. The first thing we did for bridal fashion week was went to a fashion show Saturday morning where her line walked down the runway along with the other dresses that were debuting with Maggie Sottero. Then, lots of pictures and interviews for Des. You might be asking yourself, “where was Chris during the whole show?” Well, I was front and center. I didn’t join in for all of the interviews, but when asked, I spoke haha.

The next great thing were the parties we went to on Monday evening. We first stopped by the Martha Stewart party then headed on over to The Knot party where we stayed the rest of the night. Very glamourous and well put together. My favorite part of the night would have been getting to spend the time with Des in one of her biggest moments in life. I really enjoyed watching her do the interviews because she was glowing with excitement. Not only was I encouraging and supportive, but everyone else was as well! You could really feel the support around her.

I hope you were able to see some of the pictures we posted. If not, you can go to The Knot website, Martha Stewart website and Maggie Sottero site to see dresses and us. Overall, I give it an A+ for the time in NYC and am excited for the next time we get to go together.

Until next week, have a great weekend and Go Hawks!

Oh and we are very excited to get MARRIED in January!


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