Bridal Boot camp: Week 3 { Legs & Butt}



And.. We are back with another week of Bridal Boot Camp! How are you coming a long so far?!? Feel free to hit the comments and let me know what you would like to see more of or how the workouts are going. This week we will be focusing on our legs and the hard to tone places of our thighs. While doing these leg workouts you will also be targeting your butt while getting a full body workout.

Here we go..

Repeat this sequence 3 times for a full leg and butt workout.

1.) Alternating Lunges. These babies will get you warmed up and are great for toning your legs and bum.


1.) With weights in both hands, lunge forward with your left leg keeping your knee directly above your ankle. 2.) Push back up to standing position 3.) Alternate legs 4.) Repeat sequence 20 times, 10 times each leg.

2.) This is the BEST workout to get those hard to reach saddle bags. This works the side of your thighs and it is up to you if you would like to use a weight or not.



Without a weight 1.) Laying on one side place arms onto mat and legs folded out in front 2.) Lift left leg while keeping heels together and toes out (as shown) 3.) Lift leg as high as you can go and feel the resistance happening on your outer thigh.

With weight * Follow steps above but add a 8 lb. weight resting on the side of your knee for added resistance.

Repeat 10 times then alternate sides.

3.) This workout not only targets the butt and legs but the motion also is toning your core due to the fluid motion and stability needed.



1.) On a mat place a weight on the inside of your knee and hold it tightly with your calf pulled in. 2.) Pull leg with weight into your chest towards the center of your mat  3.) With a fluid motion push same leg back and up as high as you can keeping hips parallel to ground engaging your glutes for a tightening of the toosh. 😉

*Repeat motion 20 times

4.) Squats with a twist.


1.) With weights resting on shoulders stand with feet slightly further than shoulder width apart with feet slightly facing outward. 2.) Squat down in one motion and return back to standing position 3.) squat back down into same low position, while in this position do 20 quick squats that don’t come up any higher than the squat position.  *Repeat steps 5 times

Now that you’re legs are toned and your butt is perking up, you will feel good to wear that fitted dress for the holidays or for your wedding day!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with workouts to tone the tummy!

See you then. 😉


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