Backyard Picnic Wedding



Weddings are all very special and personal in different ways. We try to incorporate details that mean something to us, our culture, our families. At times we may try too hard to think of the perfect details to have, use or make for our wedding when all we need is to think of those that shaped us and all of their favorite things.

Josh and Jen’s wedding is more than the love shown between this beautiful couple, it is a wedding that pays tribute to the loved ones who raised them by creating a spectacular backyard picnic wedding using their grandparent’s left behind items.

To understand their wedding, you must know the backstory…

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Josh and Jen were both raised by their grandparents and is what makes this union all the more special. They met while his grandfather ‘Pops’ and her grandmother ‘Gran’ were in the same assisted living home. They would pass each other in the halls, have lunches together along with their grandparents, and without knowing at the time would be the one to turn to during their time of loss.

Each item in their wedding is very dear to them because it either belonged or was favored by ‘Pops’ or ‘Gran’…



The wedding location was ‘Pops’ childhood farm.


The bible used for the ceremony was ‘Pops’ bible.


Jen’s handkerchief was used in Gran’s wedding.


Jen and Josh each have a best friend in which they ended up setting up. 😉


Lavendar was Grans favorite scent and soda from a bottle was the only way Pops would drink it.


Jen would pick pears and apples with her grandparents every harvest.


Gran was an avid canner and the last jar of her jam was used at their wedding.


Gran won several blue ribbons for her pies at the Utah State Fair. All the pies at the wedding were Gran’s special recipes.


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