Bridal Boot Camp: Week 2 {CARDIO}



We are onto the 2nd week of Bridal Boot Camp! I hope you enjoyed getting your arms nice and toned last week.. Remember to keep up with these workouts as often as you can for increased results. At the end of our Bridal Boot Camp you will be able to put together all of the workouts my trainer Dave and I show you for a guide that you can use whenever you need to tone up and feel good.

Cardio is a key ingredient in toning and trimming your entire body. Check out 3 specific workouts I do weekly to increase my heart rate and burn some calories. Note that along with these workouts running, walking, or biking for a good 15 minutes should also be included for a complete cardio session.

1.) Alternating Jump Tap


1.) Start with feet shoulder width apart  // 2.) As you slightly jump and separate feet tap the ground with your right hand // 3.) Jump back up with feet back to shoulder width apart // 4.) As you jump this time tap ground with left hand

* Alternate hands while jumping for a minute

2.) High Knees


High knees are a great cardio workout that get your heart rate up and body working fast. With feet shoulder width apart start with right knee and continue jumping while alternating knees. Be sure to get your knees as high as you can for a better workout.

* Repeat high knees for 1 minute

3.) Burpies


1.) Stand with feet shoulder width apart to begin // 2.) Drop to ground as shown with knees to chest and hands shoulder width apart // 3.) Push feet out into plank position // 4.) Quickly return feet back to position #2 // 5.) With quads and arms up begin to jump straight up // 6.) Jump as high as you can pushing to the ceiling

* Repeat burpies 15 times and feel the burn

For a complete cardio workout repeat this sequence 3 times and include 15 min of running or biking.

Come back next Tuesday as I show you workouts to tone the legs.

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