Des’s Diary: Faith



This verse is hard to comprehend at times, especially during hard times when all seems lost. When you lose your job, can’t pay your bills, don’t know what career path to lead, go through a breakup or even through the daily bumps, it is hard to get through it all without faith.

After a hard breakup, moving to another city, and working for pennies, I was at a loss for what I needed to be doing to provide for myself while still pursuing my dreams. It was a time of reflection and discerning different decisions. There were times where I just wanted to give up on my dreams because I couldn’t afford to live where I was living or work where I was working. I knew in my heart through prayer that God had greater plans for me than I did for myself and that I would have to hold onto that faith to take the open doors and risks he was about to lay out in front of me.

Many of you may not know that when I decided to apply for The Bachelor I had maybe 20 bucks to my name which I was saving for gas, had no real intention of going onto the show and couldn’t afford my rent while I was gone if I were to be chosen. I was in fact asked to join the show and I had many days of contemplating if this would be the right decision for me considering my lack of funds.  I prayed about it for over week and knew that this was a door open that I needed to take and only by faith did I know that greater things were about to happen. Luckily my rent was taken care of (God’s handy work) while I was away.  I didn’t find love on that season but another door opened when I was asked to be The Bachelorette and the rest is history.

Since then, doors I never could have thought of have opened and for that I am truly blessed and grateful to everyone who has opened them for me to live out my dreams. I am in NYC this weekend for Bridal Market with Maggie Sottero for my wedding gown collection and I am living out my dream because of the faith it took to take that one risk and trust in Him.

It’s hard to imagine that there is a greater plan for our lives but when we least expect it God will open doors that lead us out of hurt, struggle, loss, debt, frustration, stress and anxiety. When we cannot see the end of the tunnel or the good that is about to come, know that He is standing there waiting for you to go through that door.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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