A Toast to Traditions


As the days pass, the leaves change and the holidays creep closer and closer I can’t help but think of family, friends and the dinners that make for lasting memories. Coming from a small family those traditions were limited but just as joyous as we sat together as a family, praying over our meal, and remembering stories of times past.


I set the table for two while we enjoy a glass of our favorite wine tonight and can’t help but wonder how traditions are started. The Pinot Noir in my glass is that of Votre Santé, a new wine from Francis Ford Coppola Winery that pays tribute to his grandmother who began a family tradition of toasting ‘a votre santé”, meaning “to your health” each time she raised her glass.


As I am gearing up for my wedding to Chris, we are reminded of the stories and traditions from both families but are looking forward to creating many more of our own.

What kind of tradition could I start? hmmm… Tickling each other before bed time, patting our heads before we take a sip, using the opposite hand to drink with, or better yet to eat with. What tradition should we have at our own wedding!? Throwing the garter, cutting the cake, wear something old, something borrowed and something blue? Create a new tradition for weddings?

I mean the list goes on of what could be started and to think that his grandmother had no idea she was even starting a long-lasting tradition. Wonder what my grandkids will say about me. Well, of course I will need to have kids before I get to that point but really it’s a valid thought.


I know one thing for sure and that is our new found love of sitting outside on our patio after work, enjoying a glass of this incredible wine together, sharing moments about our day. I’m looking forward to sharing this wine with our family as we see them for Thanksgiving and Christmas and who knows maybe that will also become a tradition.

It’s awesome to think that Francis Coppola created this wine to pay tribute to his grandmother while we sit here toasting and creating our own lasting memories, or even better, some new traditions.

“A votre santé” to that.

Hit the comments and share some of your own family traditions or past times! Would love to see how you spend time with friends or family.

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