Bridal Boot Camp: Week 1 {ARMS}



I am so excited to bring you Bridal Bootcamp! A 6 week series to help tone and trim your body just in time for your wedding!

Whether your wedding is this winter or not till next summer, you can utilize every workout shown to prepare yourself and your body for your special day. Since most dresses tend to be strapless and the main focus in photos is the upper portion of your body it is important to focus on the arms, shoulders and back in particular.

So with that said, this first week we will be starting with arms. These workouts will strengthen and tone your biceps, triceps, and shoulders as you alternate between muscle groups for a better workout. With the help of my trainer Dave, from Elite Fitness, we will be showing you different arm workouts along with the information on  how many reps to do for each one. The intent is to get your heart rate up, tone your arms, and have fun while doing so!

Let’s get started with two different workouts!!

1.) Biceps & Triceps

a.) Close grip push up. Whether you are outside or working out from home, this workout can be done anywhere. Against a couch or against a picnic table at the park. With hands against the surface shoulder width apart, make sure your hips are tucked in and back flat and proceed into a push up. Repeat 15 times before moving on to next step. These will tone your triceps while also engaging your core.


b.) Biceps with alternating lunge to work your biceps while keeping your heart rate up as well. With 8-10lb weights hold both with palms facing toward you. Lunge forward with your right leg while pushing weights down in the same motion. Lift weights up as you stand back up straight. Alternate leg. Repeat 20 times for 10 times each leg.


Repeat this routine 3 times for a 20-30 min arm workout.

2.) Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders.

a.) With a 15 lb. weight or comparable between your hands, place behind your head with elbows in close to head. Push up with the weight keeping elbows steady. Repeat motion 15 times.

arms1bb.) With the same 8-10lb weights place in both hands and place out in front of you with elbows slightly bent and wrists pulled in. Alternate arms with the weights in a single motion of pushing one down and keeping one in place. Repeat 20 times. 10 times each arm.


c.) To increase your heart rate some more and define your shoulders, take the 15 lb weight and hold with both hands as shown. Step to the left in a side lunge pushing the weight out in front of you. Alternate legs each time and repeat 20 times.


Repeat this routine 3 times for a 30 minute workout.

Come back next Tuesday as I show you cardio moves that are fun to do, get your heart rate up and burn fat! 😉



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