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Well hello everyone!

What a crazy roller coaster of a week with everything that is happening in the NFL right now. As you know…if you follow my IG account at all…I am a big fantasy football fan. I think it is a great way to hang out with my friends virtually. These days it is harder and harder to all get together and relax like we did in college and this seems to be the best way to stay as connected as possible! Now I will be the first to admit I don’t know much about football since I didn’t grow up playing it, but I can still talk shop with the best of them. I know that the Seahawks are the best and looking to repeat. I know that every Sunday, Monday and Thursday there is football for the next 5 months. The list goes on. Do any of you do fantasy football or even care about football?!

Since you asked and since we are on the football topic – I get to participate in a very cool event TODAY! It’s called the Punt, Pass and Kick Challenge down at Century Link Field – home of THE Seattle Seahawks. This will be the second year I’ve gone to this event and coming off a third place finish, my team has a lot to prove. Now it goes without saying that I am very thankful for the opportunity @HomeStreetBank gives me to participate in this event. Be on the lookout for live tweeting from Century Link later today. It should be fun! AND, my beautiful wife to be will be there supporting me and the team. Pretty sweet right? The challenge really is to see how far we can Punt, Pass and Kick a ball. That’s it.

I am open to team names as well, but I can’t promise we will use them haha. It should obviously have HomeStreet in the name somewhere. Give me your best shot!

I hope you are all doing well and excited for the fall and winter. Des and I are. 😉

Catch you on the other corner.


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