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The secret is out! I found the most amazing flash sale website out there and you don’t want to miss a single beat because you will definitely be AMUZEd.

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Yes I know that there are tons of websites out there that offer daily deals and awesome finds but I’m telling you that none of them can compare to the flash sales and incredible product on

I was recently searching for dresses and shoes to wear for upcoming events and luckily stumbled across my saving grace. Scrolling from black blouses and skirts to appropriate dresses for work I became blindsided with unbelievable prices popping up all over, first for boots then bags then more boots. Before I knew it my mind fluttered from what I needed to look for to what I wanted to wear this moment. We all have those impulse moments and how can we help it!?


The convenience of shopping while sitting on our bums ‘trying’ to get work done has become the new way of life. I’m not going to feel bad for getting a pair of Valentino booties for a small fraction of what they should have been while sipping my morning coffee. Can’t blame me for eyeing a sexy red Stella McCartney dress or dreaming about the places I could wear a pair of killer Jimmy Choo shoes.  No judging me for trying on my new boots with every single outfit possible. The fact that my price was $250 when they should have been $1,000 still makes me smile.

I mean just take a look at the sale going on now! (see below) How can you not tune in each day just hoping that the Marc Jacobs bag or Gucci evening dress you have been wanting shows up on any given day. It’s addicting but the buzz and satisfaction of a good deal is well worth it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.48.33 PM

I will be the first to admit that I am not a Designer shopper when it comes to buying clothes. I am more of a bargain, ‘love me a good deal’ type shopper but Amuze has changed my perspective on what it means to shop Designer and how great it feels to save money for more important things like a wedding, new home or maybe even a little getaway while looking fabulous in my Tom Ford heels. 😉

Head to now and use Shipping code: loveDES

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