Bachelorette Party ‘Survival Kit’ Ideas



As I embark on yet another Bachelorette Party for one of my girlfriends, I am heading in prepared with the perfect ‘survival kit’ for this particular celebration. Last week I was in Las Vegas for a Bachelorette Party and this weekend I will be in Lake Havasu for a fun in the sun, party on the lake type of deal and I have the perfect items needed for any kind of weekend long celebration.

This weekend we will be celebrating one of my best friend’s Tanya as she prepares to get married this November and what better way to do that than in cuban, miami, neon bright color, bikini wearing style! The entire weekend all of the girls will be clad in bright neon bikinis, sunglasses, sandals, and dresses for the night portion so I put together a little kit that will help everyone get through a fun, long weekend of celebrating my beautiful friend. See what I included for this particular party and some ideas for other themed or styled bachelorette parties.

Lakeside Lounging Bachelorette Party

imageHere are the contents:

  • Fun neon travel makeup bag by Almquist Design Studio all of the girls will love and keeps the contents together in style.
  • Pur-lisse Sunscreen! – Girl needs to get tan by the lake but all day on the boat is going to be treacherous in the desert heat so lather up! Note: fell in love with this sunscreen when I got it in a FabFitFun monthly box! Check them out.
  • Love Me Knot hairties- with the heat comes sweat and the last thing you want is your hair stuck to your neck. These also won’t crease your hair so you can put it down without the fuss of a crease.
  • Stila All-day Lip color- We may be on a lake but girls still need to look good and feel good, not to mention we will be going out dancing one of the nights so lip color is definitely needed. Also I put together a fun framed guestbook souvenir for the bride that this lipstick is used for. I’ll share in another post. 
  • Emergen-C- No one likes to get sick while traveling
  • Advil- Don’t let the late nights, long days and drinking ruin your trip with a headache.
  • 5-hour energy- these small little guys pack a lot of power which the girls will be needed if they want to hang the entire time.
  • Chapstick- because well, I love chapstick and everyone needs some silky smooth lips when the sun is making them chapped.

Well, there you have it. All of the girls will be taken care of and have a some favors to take back with them to always remind them of the good times we had.

Other items to think about putting in your own Bachelorette ‘Survival Kit’.

  • swimsuits
  • cover-ups
  • tumblers
  • Wine glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • body lotion
  • lashes
  • nail polish

and anything else that girls need or want at any given day.

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