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Hey Corner followers!

I’ve been away for a while, but I am back and ready to be in your corner. A lot has happened since my absence. Um let’s see. Des’s bridal line debuted in LA. Bachelor in Paradise announced it will be back for another season! Oh and…Marcus and Lacy got engaged?! What?! Well, it wasn’t a surprise for me since I was there, but it certainly was for you! Are you excited? How about all of the success the Bachelor franchise is having lately. Hopefully people will actually last and they get through the honeymoon stage. Then! We can all have one giant wedding right? Not. Haha.

Des and I have been pretty busy ourselves. Between work, friends and planning a wedding, it seems that we haven’t had much time to spend with each other. We do the best we can to spend every single free minute we have together, but it can be hard sometimes. She’s gone for one weekend, I’m gone for another, then we meet up during the week and are consumed with work life. BUT, if there is one thing we are really good at, it’s spending the free time we do have together. One of the absolute guaranteed things that happens in our house is that we have dinner together every night. Now some of you might think that is a no brainer, but with a dress line launching and me building up a business, you appreciate even the small things – 16 oz. steak with a large salad and a side of veggies! Haha.

We are pretty excited to get through this year and on to the next – for many reasons 😉 Yes we are getting married next year. Do we have a wedding date? Maybe. 🙂 But mostly, next year seems to be calm at this point. And for that, we are both excited. We will be married, have time to spend together and of course – enjoy Seattle!

Anyways, I hope you are all having incredible weeks and heading into one of your best weekends ever. I am off to Portland for a wedding this weekend while Des is off to another state for a Bachelorette Party!!! Not hers 🙂

See you around,


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