Foods to Freshen Complexion


I have had the privilege of working with Megan Roosevelt on nutrition plans, the smoothie challenge and a variety of healthy lifestyle tips and recipes, so I truly trust her expertise. Any time I can get her take or advice on what we all really want to know, I love sharing it with you! Find out what she suggest to eat for a better complexion!


Foods to Freshen Complexion

By Megan Roosevelt, Registered and Licensed Dietitian / Founder of and the Healthy Grocery Girl Nutrition Plan

Our skin is our biggest organ, and therefore the health of our skin can be a direct reflection to how healthy we are on the inside. To improve the clarity and quality of our skin, we need to shift the focus away from solely topical treatments and creams, and be more mindful about what we are consuming. Certain foods can improve digestion, improve our body’s ability to naturally cleanse and detox and by boosting hydration we can help our skin look great, slow the aging process and naturally have a healthy glow. As a Registered Dietitian, here are my tips and food recommendations for improving complexion!

Eat Daily: Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens contain both vitamin E and vitamin C, which help keep skin healthy as we age. These vitamins also help our skin protect itself against skin damage from the sun. There are many different types of greens to try to find one you love such as, arugula, spinach and kale.

Eat Daily: Lemon and Lime

Lemon and lime have natural cleansing and detoxifying properties helping to support your liver, your main detox organ. Drinking hot lemon water or cold lemon water daily will help hydrate and support healthy skin.

Drink Daily: Filtered Water

We all know we need to drink plenty of water in the day, yet most of us do not drink enough of it! Water helps us look youthful, improves digestion and supports our organs to function optimally. If you’re tired of drinking you can also boost your hydration by eating water dense foods such as cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes. Coconut water is also a great way to hydrate naturally.

Use Weekly: Organic Sugar as a Natural Exfoliator

I love to use coconut sugar in my face wash as a natural exfoliator. I do this a few times a week. You can use any organic sugar if you have this on hand instead. This routine will help remove dead and dry skin cells from our body, helping our skin and pores to breath and release toxins better. Dry dull skin also doesn’t look as healthy!

For more recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, and information on transitioning towards a plant-based diet, visit Megan’s website and check out the Healthy Grocery Girl Nutrition Plan! Available HERE.

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