Lake Chelan Engagement


If you live in or near the state of Washington and haven’t been to Lake Chelan, than you must immediately plan that trip for your next free weekend. It is a beautiful place, where the sun always shines and the sparkling lake calls your name.

Heidi and Jon’s engagement photos are a little slice of Lake Chelan’s beauty for you to see for yourself. Enjoy!



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  • themusicmajor

    Thank you so much for featuring my engagement photos of Heidi & Jon! They’re an incredible couple and you really can’t beat Lake Chelan in the summer time! 🙂

    • desireehartsock

      Of course! These are such beautiful photos!

  • Heidi Gunderson

    Love this! Thank you for choosing our photos!!

    • desireehartsock

      They are beautiful! 😉

  • Lover_ly

    Great photos! Pretty inspiration for any bride or groom about to take their engagement photos!