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There is absolutely nothing better than a wonderful night’s sleep! The kind of sleep where your entire body feels like it’s floating on a cloud, completely relaxed, and released from all the stresses of the day. Where your head feels as light as a feather and mind entirely at ease, allowing for more memorable and vivid dreams without tossing and turning. The sheep you once counted no where to be found. This kind of sleep leaves your mind and body rejuvenated and recharged to start your day right and can only come from having the right mattress.

We spend the majority of our lives in bed sleeping the hours away. If you really think about it, our mattress is the most important thing needed for a good sleep and yet we still spend thousands on medications, exercises, massages, acupuncture, therapy, meditation classes, etc. just to enhance the possibility for a better night’s rest.

With Chris’s dad being a chiropractor and his mom a massage therapist I understand the importance of our bodies being at its absolute best for enhanced performance in all aspects of life. While treating our bodies well with diet, nutrition and exercise is necessary, having a solid 7-8 hours of sleep a night and the right mattress can make all the difference in feeling even better and healthier.

Whenever I find something I believe in and love, I enjoy sharing it with all of you. This time it’s our new Beautyrest Black Mattress and I can’t even begin to tell you how it has changed my world!! I have been working out with a trainer about twice a week since I moved to Seattle and even he has seen a difference in my energy level, muscle strength, and overall well being since getting a better sleep with this mattress. Beforehand my muscles felt constantly tired and sore so because of that I couldn’t be my best self while working out to get the results I wanted.


Also I have been having stiffness and some pain in my neck and shoulders on and off for months that has subsided since. I had to check out why the sudden phenomenon with just the change of mattress and here is what I found.  The Dynamic Response™ Memory Foam and the Advanced Pocketed Coil® Technology that make up the Beautyrest Black mattress gives it incredible comfort that conforms to the body for added support while the coil technology increases the durability. Sounds like a win, win to me and I can feel the difference every single day I wake up.

I have been feeling 10x better in my muscles, neck and shoulders,  more energized, more focused and honestly like a new person. I can’t imagine ever going back to our old mattress or any other mattress for that matter.

Two other features that are absolutely amazing and perfect for Chris and I is the Micro Diamond™ Infused AirCool ® Memory Foam  and the Sleep Climate™ Surface Technology that enhance this mattress even more. It keeps on getting better!! The Aircool memory foam is prized and applauded for its unique and superior ability to conduct heat that no joke has as many as 1,000 carats of diamond particles to assist in a cool and comfortable sleep. The Sleep Climate technology goes hand in hand with the Aircool and why I love this mattress so much. If you know what it’s like to have your partner 10 degrees warmer than you are, radiating heat over to your side and you can’t sleep then there is no other mattress for you because the Sleep Climate Surface technology increases airflow to help reduce the surface temperature.

It has been a dream since deciding on this mattress and the best purchase ever! We seriously love our Beautyrest Black mattress and hope that you check it out too because you will not be disappointed!

Get your sleep on!

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