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Wanna get away this summer? … Well I have just the place for you!


Chris and I wanted to plan a weekend getaway that didn’t require too much travel time and would be a relaxing weekend for us to rejuvenate and feel refreshed. What we didn’t realize is how refreshed and relaxed we would feel after just a few days in Port Ludlow! Seriously. Chris slept like a baby, I felt like a new person and we both just had an incredible time hanging out with each other in the lake and about town.

Port Ludlow is about a 2 hour drive from Seattle if you take the freeway but only about an hour trip by ferry. That was the first selling point since we didn’t want to deal with the airport and the constraints of lines and flying. The second thing that we couldn’t pass up was the unbelievable scenery! This quaint town is on the Olympic Peninsula with three entrances to the Olympic National Park, surrounded by greenery, and planted right on the edge of the water, which happens to belong to the Puget Sound.


The moment we pulled up to the Port Ludlow Inn I felt like I was in a storybook. The backdrop of the Inn is immediately soothing and the stillness of the water was all we needed to be at complete solace before we even stepped into the lobby. The atmosphere of the inn and the area is very casual and relaxed so that also put us at comfort right away when we didn’t feel the need to get all dolled up or ready for dinner. We just put down our bags and headed to dinner which was outside on the patio facing the mountains and water. Could it get any better than that!?! ¬†Well.. it did.

We enjoyed some wine while we watched the beautiful sunset out on our room balcony before the silence of the port put us into a deep sleep. It is always the best when you get a good night’s rest and boy did we need it!

The following morning we were refreshed and ready to enjoy the day. Port Ludlow Inn offers a Farm Dinner that is honestly the best idea ever. We picked up a basket at the front desk along with ‘farm bucks’ to then take it into Port Townsend, only about 20 minutes away, for their farmer’s market. With our farm bucks we were able to pick out the veggies and items we wanted to have for our dinner later that night. It was so fun to browse the different farms that were set up with fresh veggies grown just minutes away. This was something Chris and I have never done so it was a great memory and experience for us both. We picked out some beets, lettuce, spinach, basil, and raspberries before making our way to a cider farm.


Finn River cider farm was only about 10 minutes away from the market and the perfect break in the day. We joined a few other people in a cider tasting that showcased about 5 different ciders made right there, and ranged from a crisp pear cider to a flavorful black currant cider. Since apples are abundant in Washington I think it’s safe to say that this was some of the best cider I have had yet.

From the cider farm, Chris and I brought our basket back full of farmed goodies to the chef in house at the Fireside restaurant at the Inn. We told him what we like to eat (which is almost everything) and the chef took it from there. We would find out later what kind of plates he had up his sleeve.

Since we had a few hours to kill before dinner we decided to get out on the lake with some paddle boards. Both of us have been paddle boarding before but it’s always a little shaky at first to get up on your feet. Also hilarious to watch someone try to get their stance. In that case it was me. We paddled out to the middle of the bay,¬†parked our boards out there to lay down and take in the sun that was perfectly beaming down. I could have dozed off easily but didn’t want to end up rolling over right into the water!


Dinner that night was everything we could have hoped for. From crab cakes to a delicious beet and goat cheese (ricotta in Chris’s case) appetizer, we couldn’t help but wonder what was next. That was the greatest part of the Farm Dinner. We had no idea what was being prepared or what dish would come out next. It was exciting and also relaxing because we just sat out on the patio watching a seal play in the water taking our time with each plate that was served. It could have easily been a 2-3 hour dinner but also one of the best and most enjoyable we’ve had.

Sunday morning we were blessed to have a couple’s massage that was one of the best! The ladies were the sweetest and the massage itself was the cherry on top of a rejuvenated weekend. Not to mention that Chris got to play a full round of golf that day too at the beautiful Port Ludlow golf course. Golf is Chris’s weakness! He’s a kid in the candy store when he gets to play so there was no chance we would miss out on that. I came in handy for driving the cart around and cheering him on even though I had no idea what was happening or where his ball was going. It was fun nonetheless.


We took the ferry back home to Seattle and got back to our place in no time. It was such a relaxing weekend and a great experience overall that I highly recommend checking Port Ludlow out for your next weekend getaway or trip to Washington! You will thank me and feel 10x more relaxed then when you left.


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