Make Your Summer Wedding Unique


Summer wedding season is in full swing! So how do you make your wedding unique from the rest? There are tons of fun little details you can incorporate to fit the season whether it’s giving your guests sunglasses or having them build their own ice cream sundaes! Have fun with it! Check out this inspiration for great Summer wedding elements that you can use to make your wedding one to remember!

07Parasols to shade guests

C1Create fans as programs or include beach elements on your wedding cake

03Hand out shades for guests to keep the sun out of their eyes

c2A build your own sundae bar or personalized koozies for cold drinks are sure to be crowd pleasers.

12A shoe valet for beach weddings

C3Festive drink stirrers and fun props for your bridal portraits are perfect for summer.

09Flip flops for guests to slip on instead of their heels for outdoor weddings.

C2Tropical flowers for boutonnieres and a cold beverage station at the ceremony.

15Incorporate summer fruit into your reception decor.

10Personalize mason jars for a summer and DIY treat for guests.

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