‘The Bachelorette’ Overnight Dates



Aside from the hometown dates, the overnight dates are just as fun to watch and the most important time for the relationships. This is the make or break for each relationship because it’s no longer about how much fun each person is but whether or not they could be a husband or wife. You can see that transition in Andi and why she had to let Chris go even though he seems like the perfect catch.

There are two really strong and very different relationships formed in Nick and in Josh.

Nick and Andi were able to spend some quality time hanging out on their own private beach (The best!) and I’m not going to lie, I really like these two together as I’m seeing the connection and chemistry transpire. She had an instant connection with Nick that first night and it’s telling to see that the connection has continued. So often the initial ‘connection’ is typically just an attraction that can fade after the first few weeks. If you are thinking about a husband and someone that will be with you for life then you definitely want to have a mental connection, someone who understands you completely and someone who is passionate. Those qualities are lasting and the exact things Andi said she feels about Nick.

I found Nick to be charming and sweet on this date and I like the fact that he says he learned a lot from his last breakup and is ok with giving Andi his all regardless of the outcome. That is the only way the process can work and for Andi to find out who she really needs in her life. Nick’s love for Andi is apparent in the way that he looks at her. Andi mentioned a couple times that their relationship felt like an ‘adult romance’ and well, to me that is what a lasting marriage looks like. Yes, you can have fun and be goofy (that keeps the passion alive) but as for getting through differences or being able to discuss important milestones there has to be a maturity and an openness in both to understand where each other are coming from.

Sometimes emotional connections we feel can be confusing because they do not look like or feel like the connections of attraction that most relationships start on.  They are definitely a more important type of connection though, needed for a lasting love. Infatuation can be debilitating in a relationship after a few years because attraction can overpower emotional growth at times. This is where the mind and the heart battle each other.

Anyways, Nick’s story book was adorable and very thoughtful. It was his way of sharing his feelings and how much he cares for her. I do wish he just came right out and said that he loved her but it’s hard to be in the men’s shoes because they know that she can’t reciprocate those words.

Josh and Andi are a beautiful couple together. They both seem to suit the other just right, at least in appearances they do for sure. Josh is always so happy around Andi and it’s endearing to see how much he loves her. His affectionate alone speaks volumes to how he feels for her. You can tell that he is the protective kind of guy and will be her rock when she needs him to be, so for all of those reasons I like Josh for Andi. Another thing that I noticed is how he tells her he loves her with such conviction and confidence as if it wasn’t the first time he’s said it to her. I liked that he wasn’t afraid to tell her that he loves her and wanted to make sure she knew that.

While Andi is sitting with Josh at night, her demeanor and mind seemed really conflicted and I can understand why. Here sits ‘the man of her dreams’ I am sure, everything she could ever wanted, telling her how much he cares about her, while her past experiences with other men, that were professional athletes, worries her because she doesn’t want to go down that same path to heartbreak. I would say she has nothing to worry about with Josh. The way that he adores her and has never felt the way he does with her will keep him as a loyal partner.

The two words that Andi kept using to describe her relationship with Josh was ‘young & vibrant’. With that said, I can see where some other concerns lie in her relationship with Josh and being able to have serious conversations or get through differences. A relationship can’t maintain on fun alone, there has to be maturity there for a solid foundation to get through life together and to grow. I can see these two working out though and think that daily life together would bring out more of the serious side to Josh and that would create a perfect balance for the two of them. He brings out her goofy side while she brings out his more emotional and serious side. Win, win.

Now on to Chris. I knew that his goodbye was coming from the beginning of the episode. You could tell in how she described each guy and each relationship. With Nick and Josh she described how they made her feel while with Chris she just named off all of his qualities. That was a telling sign that she wasn’t as far in with him as the other men. Chris is such a sweetheart and why it was so hard for Andi to say goodbye but I’m glad that she did when she did. When you are already this far along with other relationships, it’s not fair to keep someone around as their feelings progress if you know it’s not right. She did the right thing in letting him go and I can only hope that he finds what he is looking for. Possibly on television?

I’m excited for next week and Men Tell All. It’s fun to see how the guys change their perspectives after watching the show back. Should be interesting! Until next week…

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