The War of Beauty




I recently posted a photo on instagram where I had only my lash extentions and a lip color on with a caption ‘Makeup free Friday’. No eye makeup at all, no bb cream, concealer, foundation or bronzer and so many women and young girls had their opinions about the caption saying make-up free. Honestly, that was pretty makeup free in my opinion but that’s not the point. It doesn’t matter whether I did have lip color on or not.

The silver lining here is the fact that we live in a society where every little thing you say, do or don’t say and don’t do are critiqued, criticized and analyzed over. Not speaking for just myself. Women everyday have to deal with the growing social pressures of other women judging them or the feeling that they can’t live up to what is expected of a woman. As women, when will we learn to love each other rather than constantly search for each other’s faults?

Social media has of course increased the chances and opportunities for criticism on appearance but why must we hide behind our iphone or computer screen and say things that we would never normally say. Accountability is why. There is none when it comes to the web and social media and it’s quite frightening. Rather than join the forces and add to the negativity that is sworming our world today, be the change.

The things you write and say… would you want them under one of your photos? or feed? Think about that before you critique another person. I have seen way too many young girls broken down due to rude, thoughtless comments regarding their outward appearance and it needs to stop.  We are not teaching a generation to love themselves or others, we are allowing them to abuse words freely and openly because as grown adults we have no filter or sympathy towards others we don’t know.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, this is true. But beauty can be found in everything, and every person if we are willing to see it that way. Instead of spending our time and focus on outward appearance let us focus on compassion, grace, generosity, humility, kindness and the true beauty that lies within.


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  • Pamela

    Well said, thank you! And what a lovely sketch!

  • I follow you on Instagram and saw all of this unfold. I was baffled at the mean nature of the comments. Thank you for writing this and sharing truth! I shared it with my followers. I wrote a book for young women called Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman. It’s important to me to share the truth of God’s love with young women. Thanks for being a role model who shares truth!