10 Camping Essentials



Camping is the best summer time activity to do with family or friends! If you’re not in the camping mood right now then head over to my earlier Teepee Attraction Engagement post for some inspiration to change that mindset.

I used to camp as a child with my family but as I grew older I didn’t have many opportunities to take a few days and hit the great outdoors at full speed. One of my favorite camping memories though was about 8 years ago when 7 of my friends and I took a road trip up the coast of California from Newport Beach to San Francisco. After a night in the city we then camped in Napa Valley before making our way to Yosemite National Park for a few nights. Yosemite was definitely the highlight of the trip and the beauty of that place will never be forgotten. (see below)

I highly suggest taking a weekend out of your summer to breathe in the fresh air and make everlasting memories with loved ones. But first make sure you have the essentials you need.


Click on links below for each item.

The essentials of camping have changed from when I was a child but nonetheless are needed for a fully prepared trip in the woods. Make sure you are ready and prepared to camp… like a lady.

1.) Tent – for obvious reasons, like protection from nature’s elements & a place to sleep.

2.) Sleeping bag & pillow – You don’t want to freeze or be uncomfortable- even in the name of camping. Bring your favorite pillow and make sure your sleeping bag is intended for the right climate and weather you will be staying in.

3.) Mattress pad – It’s not like we are 10 years old anymore. Sleeping on the hard ground is so much harder to do as an adult so treat yourself right with a memory foam or air mattress/ pad for added support while you’re ‘roughing it’ in the woods. 

4.) Flashlight/ lantern  Night time= darkness. Even with a fire going there’s not enough light to see where you are going if you’re 5 feet away from it. And you don’t want to get lost while you’re trying to find a restroom or something.

5.) Paper plates, utensils and napkins- Need something to eat off of and eat with if you’re planning on having meals throughout the day.

6.) Bug spray– Keep you face and skin bite free or you will be itching mosquito bites for days!

7.) Beauty supplies: face wipes, chapstick, sunscreen- Camping doesn’t mean you have to smell and be a barbarian. Take some wipes, chapstick to keep those lips from cracking (gets dry being outside) and protect your beautiful skin with some SPF- especially if you will be hiking.

8.) Matches – I’m guessing you don’t know how to rub two sticks together to create a fire (bravo if you do!) so don’t stress yourself out and bring matches to build a fire in seconds.

9.) Folding chairs need a place to plop yourself down around the fire. Chairs are key! Make sure each person going has a chair. 

10.) Cooler – bring food that you want to eat! If you don’t like hotdogs then bring stuff to make sandwiches. You’ll need a cooler and ice to keep all the good stuff fresh. 

I would say that if you have all of the items above then you will be set for a fun weekend of camping. Of course there are many other items you could bring with you but why not take in all that nature has to offer.  Find fallen sticks for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs or be a bit more creative with ways to cook.  Check out BonAppetit for some fun ways to cook while camping.


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