DIY: Straw Vase



Planning a bridal shower? Or birthday bash? This DIY vase is an easy way to create your own decor cheaply and to your custom vision! Here’s a unique way to put all those pretty straws out there to use! You can match your theme with various colors of straws and alter the height of vases with different sized cans. The possibilities are endless, and the cuteness is praiseworthy!

What you need:


Colored/patterned straws

Cans (we used a large bean can)

Hot glue and hot glue gun




1. Empty the can and strip it of labels

2. Set your straw pattern

3. Use the hot glue gun to place glue dots on the edges of the can


4. Quickly and firmly press the straw onto the can where you placed the glue


5. Hold for 10 seconds

6. Continue all around the can

7. Pop some pretty flowers in the vase and admire your creation!


…. and the donut!

DIY and photos by: Inspired by This

Silk Flowers: Afloral

Straws: Target

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