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Welcome Back to the almost infamous Chris’s Corner!

This week I thought it would be who of me to share with you some fun things I occasionally do when I have time off! Let’s call this week – DIY Chris.

Now I will be the first to admit to you and only you that I am not the handiest of men, but when it comes to wanting to be handy I am the best. I never read the instructions. Never. Ask Des – she always says I should, but there is something inside me that says I should just try and figure it out and see what happens. What usually ends up happening is that I have whatever project I am working on put together half way then have to stop and take a good hard look at the piece only to realize the front drawer in on the back. Admitting I have a “following instructions” problem is the first step though to actually overcoming my issue.

When I am not elbows deep in loan files, I really enjoy writing. But, if we are on a DIY project I’ve been known to roll up the sleeves, pull out the computer to browse Pinterest and find something worth doing. One of the projects I completed with a quality touch was a book shelf that I put together from scratch! Now you might be saying to yourself, “poets don’t have woodworking skills!” I don’t, but I did that day. We are talking an almost six foot, five shelf book case with a very modern twist. All Pine (because it’s lighter), and tapered off toward the top to give it more of a contemporary feel. If I had a picture I’d show you, Oh wait..I do!


This whole project started because I was in need of a book case. Obviously. Then, I made a nice little Saturday trip down to Home Depot, got some wood, nails, used my buddy’s table saw and got to work! To finish it off, I added two coats of a light stain to really pull the grains and colors from pine out. Doesn’t it sound like I know exactly what I am talking about?!

Now it’s your turn. Share with us some of your favorite DIY crafts. Pictures are acceptable. One great way to share with us your pics is by tagging us on IG or Twitter! We are able to see exactly what you posted. I’m sure you already know that. Thank you to those who do tag us. I really enjoy looking at all of the pics.

Well I am off to GBTW (go back to work). Have a great weekend and until next week! DIY.

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