The Bachelorette Recap: Hometowns


Well, well, well. I am finally back with ‘The Bachelorette’ recaps just in time to meet the families of the 4 remaining men. Moving, traveling and summertime distractions have taken over my Monday night Bachelorette viewing but I vow to never let that happen again. Although I totally missed out on all the other farewells and the steamy connections that were forming, it’s pretty obvious where Andi’s heart lies and I don’t think the other guys ever stood a chance in comparison.


Let’s begin with the first hometown date that took us to Milwaukee. I have been missing some of the drama with Nick but I’m not a fool and can tell that he is pretty possessive of Andi. In his mind there are no other men vying for her heart because he thinks he already has her. Confidence is key when on this show but a little too much is known as arrogance so I’m interested to see where their relationship goes. Any who.. Andi and Nick have a great time checking out the spots in his city. They go to his local brewery where he had a custom brew made for them although I’m sure ‘the Perfect Brew’ was just Coors Light or something, but hey it’s the thought that counts.

Nick has an enormous family! I still couldn’t keep up with how many total but there were definitely a lot of pictures on the wall. His family seems very sweet and sincere but also concerned for him. He has been hurt in the past and they don’t want to see that happen again. Understandably. It was precious how his sister got a bit emotional and protective and how his little sister asked Andi some hard questions but totally forgot the answers. Nick and Andi seem to have a great connection and comfortable relationship established so he’s definitely one of her favs. She has liked him from the start but there’s something to say about a guy that other guys don’t like. It usually doesn’t translate well when in a relationship.


Chris. The Farmer. I think Chris is a wonderful, kind, and respectful man but I just can’t picture Andi on a farm..? She seemed hesitant and not excited about the possibility of living in Iowa and almost doubtful that it could even work. She is used to a different lifestyle (as are most people who don’t live on a farm) and that would be a huge transition to handle. I feel you girl. Although peaceful I’m not sure I would be cut out for the country… I love cities too much.

I do believe that when you are in love it doesn’t matter where you live as long as you are with that person, but at the same time there are going to be compromises that have to happen and it can only work if both are willing to accept them. I’m not sure if the emotional passion is there between them for a compromise like that to work, but here’s to hoping because he does seem like a great catch. His family was the sweetest and I love that they all support him and trust him to the fullest. That helps a lot if they are going to become her family too.


Andi and Josh. These two are smitten for each other. By far Andi was the most excited to see Josh over any of the other guys, it was written all over her face and demeanor, whether you want to believe it or not. They are both googly eyed when together and it’s charming that Josh is a beefy guy but a softy when it comes to Andi. He adores her! Josh took notes from my Chris and took Andi to the ball-field to play a little baseball. It seems like every season of ‘The Bachelorette’ consists of a hometown date at a baseball field by an ex-baseball player and so far it’s been good luck for those guys so let’s see if that luck continues.

As soon as Andi walks into Josh’s parents house, I can’t seem to find her because she blends right in with his family! She looks like she belongs IN the family by looks alone. I mean couldn’t Josh’s mom resemble Andi when she was her age? Pretty interesting but none the less, a gorgeous family. His family is extremely tight net and they do everything together which seems like a concern to Andi during her visit. I liked that Josh’s sister was honest about it and said that they will have to compromise when it came to weekends and seeing family but she’s right, that’s what marriage is all about. You can’t bring two families together without having to choose one at certain times with conflicting events/holidays/etc.

It’s convenient that Josh and Andi live the closest to each other – compared to the other men and may be a deciding factor when it comes down to it.


Marcus. The Sweetheart. There is so much kindness and love in Marcus’s pearly blue eyes that I can’t help but want him to find love. His striptease was a perfect contrast to his more reserved personality and showed a boldness that I think Andi needed to see. It’s apparent that his feelings are further along than hers and that is always a concern when there are other men in the mix. She admits that her feelings aren’t there yet to his sister, almost as a way of letting her know Marcus isn’t the one.

The tearjerker of the night was when Chris Harrison had to break the news to everyone about Eric Hill’s death. What terrible news to hear after a great week of dates. Eric’s life inspires many and his passing will never be forgotten. The loss of someone you know definitely puts the perspective on what is important, not a rose or another date, but of a fulfilled life, living in the moment. Just like Eric lived his. Andi was definitely taken back by the news and I can’t imagine her thoughts as she re-lived their last conversation. The remorse and sadness was apparent and I’m sure that was hard to deal with while also having to send another person home.

That other person was Marcus and I felt for him as he left heartbroken, teary eyed and defeated. He is such a gentle soul that will be an adoring husband and caring father.  I truly hope that he finds the right girl because he deserves it.

Until next week… Carry on.


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