Des’s Weekly: Encouragement



Cameras have become a daily part of our lives due to the hourly social media posts we have to keep up with to let everyone know what we are up to. Just as we can alter an image, delete ones we don’t like, and post the really great ones, we can do that each day with our lives. Each day is going to bring either a new challenge, heartbreak, joy, victory or accomplishment but when something doesn’t go the way we had hoped, we can look at the negative and learn from it.

In the lens of a camera you focus only on what is important in the image for it to turn out the way you want. Let’s take today for example and focus on what is important to us. Not the noise and distractions in the background, but the person, place or thing that stands front and center in our minds. From the importance we place on those things come the good times. Life naturally has its ‘downs’ at times too but the great thing about life is the chance we get each morning to take another shot and develop the day into what we want.

XO, Des


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