{ Chris’s Corner } 4th of July



Hey Hey from the corner of all corners! Chris’s Corner.

Fun fact of the day –  this is my first 4th of July with Des in public! Last year we spent 4th of July at a sneaky little hideout spot in Palm Springs. Very sneaky. This year we are going to be spending it with each other and friends in Seattle (the city of Fireworks).

Let’s take a step back into time and revisit the past! Growing up 4th of July usually consisted of two things for me. Baseball/Soccer tournaments, Grandpa and Grandma’s house and the St. Paul Rodeo outside of Portland, Oregon. Do you know what I’m talking about?? The rodeo was THE place to be in Oregon during the 4th. Bull riding, barrel racing, CLOWNS, yahda yahda yahda. Don’t forget all of the games that cost too much to win a giant, useless stuffed animal that your parents weren’t probably too happy you won and amazing rides that transformed from the semi-trucks they came in on. Oh and the food – elephant ears, gyros, cotton candy. Remember Rocket Pops?! Those were there too.

If we were to head to the g-rents house we usually had a massive BBQ with all the relatives that lived close by, spent way too much on fireworks that were questionably legal (thanks Mom and Dad) and indulged in all the potato salad your heart could desire(e).  Those were the times!

Fast forward to this week and what is in store! My plan is to work a little during the morning – oh how being a grown up is awesome… Then at around high noon Des, myself and friends will be partaking in some amazing 4th of July festivities.

[Volleyball, Frisbee, Football, adult beverages because we can! and enjoying the giant firework show that is on display over Lake Union]

Doesn’t that sound like a great time?! Minus the work but hey sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Let’s open it up to you now. What are you doing this 4th? Do you have any family traditions on the 4th? Rodeos??! We’d love to hear how you celebrate.

As always – if you like my corner, don’t tell your friends. Haha! Just kidding. Tell them and share the love! Nothing says “we love you friend” more than sharing the C-squared.

Until next week – see you on the corner.


PS. Please don’t hurt yourself Friday. And if you do! The best way to sterilize a wound as fast as possible is by zipping down your pants and peeing on it. Look it up. It’s a fact.

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