The Shine Project: Threads Giveaway



The Shine Project is empowering at risk youth that may have had a different road laid out before them and helping them find hope and strength in creating their own future. By employing inner city American youth, these employees have the opportunity to be first generation college students to pursue their dreams. The Shine Project also gives college scholarships to their employees while teaching them business and life skills to be prepared for the world ahead when they graduate.

We cannot choose the path in which we are brought into this world but we can create the path in which we want to take and help others find theirs. That is what The Shine Project is all about and why this Giveaway is much more than giving free t-shirts away, it is sharing a cause that I feel is important in America today. I  hope that the words on these shirts encourage you today… and forever if you win them!

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So many young adults need direction and support to live out their dreams so it is nice to know that The Shine Project is front and center of that cause. To celebrate a 7 week shirt campaign that The Shine Project just launched, I am giving away (3) T-shirts of your choice by them!! They aren’t just fabulously designed shirts, they are quotes that represent the students lives to empower youth everywhere. You can meet the student behind each shirt at, and find inspiration in their stories of loss, triumph, and overcoming. I’ll be rocking mine!


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Also if you are in the Seattle area and want to find out more on The Shine Project, you can visit their pop up shop on July 8th! You can also visit them on FACEBOOK or stay up to date on INSTAGRAM.


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