{ Chris’s Corner } Sunshine Summer



I bet you don’t know where I am this week…

MEXICO!!! Now your next question might be why and I am not sure if I can tell you or not so let’s leave it at the latter and I will get back to you. Something I can tell you though is that summer might be one of the best times of the year for me. The fall/winter season is definitely second. I love the fall/winter air in the NW. I don’t think anything beats it. But let’s not get off topic here.

The summertime is the best for multiple reasons. For one it’s always SUNNY! Who doesn’t love the sun? When the sun is out you have more energy, waking up early is actually cool and the nights are warmer than normal. That means you get to hang out at the park or on your balcony or by the beach or or or! See! The summer is the best. It’s also a great time to get a tan and feel that much better about ourselves. I know, I know – make sure you where your sun block. I do always…well not always because sometimes I forgot or think I am immune to getting sunburned. That is obviously not the case. Did you see the pictures from Antigua when Des and I took our mini-vacation a month and a half back? Yep – I thought I could get away with not wearing sunblock on my front side and my back side was laughing the entire time. Cool and tan on the back side and burned and hurting on the front.

Last but not least. A great part about summer is eating outside at restaurants on the water! Seattle is semi-notorious for some great restaurants or places to hang out and eat on the water. Blue Water Cantina on East Lake is one. Ray’s Boathouse and Anthony’s is another. Agua Verde if you like more Mexican food over in the kind of U-district. We can’t forget Daniel’s Broiler or Chandlers and Dukes in South Lake Union or for you locals (SLU). Oh and what about the iconic Ivor’s Restaurant at the north end of the lake or Westward?! Great spots.

Anyways, enough restaurant plugging and let’s get outside already! I am going to stay outside since I’m in Mexico but don’t worry, I have sunblock on.

See you next week at Chris’s Corner where I might let you know why we were in Mexico, but probably not…I dunno.


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