5 Ways to Choose Wedding Colors



Ok, so wedding colors seem like an easy thing to decide upon but in reality it can be hard to know what direction to go. If you’re in that boat… you are not alone. There are so many colors and tones to choose from that knowing the right ones to pair with can become an obstacle. Follow my lead and let me show you a few creative ways to choose colors that will speak to who you are as a couple and will create a wedding you will never forget.


1.) The most common and simple way is to use both of your favorite colors, as long as they look can look nice together. If his is lime green and yours is red then of course that isn’t going to work but there may be some common ground that would still work. Before completely ruling it out take a look at different shades of green and red and place them together to see which shades go best together. You may find that a leafier green and a more muted lighter red could possibly work for the look you’re going for. If you have a hard time visualizing  then head down to the next tip for some inspiration.

2.) A great way to visually see a lot of colors at one time is to go to the paint section of a store or hardwood store and start piecing together paint chips of colors you like. Take them home and see which ones stand out to you. These paint color cards help because they typically have 3-4 different shades on one card from darker to lighter so that you get a variety of tones to choose from. Also this could be a fun activity to do with your hubby to be

3.) What are your favorite activities to do together? Does it involve being inside or exploring the great outdoors? A lot of times what you enjoy doing together can also speak to what colors you would like for your wedding. If you enjoy the beach then a blue color could be an option, if you like the mountains or forest then neutrals and greens would be great options to start with. If ballrooms and theaters are more your thing then regal colors such as crimson red, gold, or silver are fabulous choices. This helps to identify the base color and from there you can expand on accent colors that would go well.


4.) Birthstone colors. I think this would be a a nice sentimental way to decide on colors. Again, only if they do pair nicely together but you could also go with variations of your birthstone colors to create a magical wedding. You may even be surprised how much it caters to your personalities and how nicely it may work. I mean, I would definitely go with mine and Chris’s birthstone colors… diamond and zircon. Something I might have to think about.

5.) Of course another common way to decide on colors is to get inspiration from other weddings and why blogs and magazines are so important for brides. Make sure you view some weddings you like with your man so that you can see what he may like too. It’s always interesting to get their opinion even if it’s not what you’re going for. Another great website for color specific wedding inspiration is Lover.ly. I can get lost on there for hours just browsing all the fun color schemes and details.


Whatever colors you decide to choose, I know they will be lovely and everything you could possibly want for your special day. Congrats!

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