Breakfast in Bed



Weddings are absolutely beautiful, fun to admire and the base for inspiration while planning your own but just as lovely as weddings can be, love and marriage are the root of it all and should be celebrated just as much! As a married couple, it’s important to always remember the love that you share and be reminded of it through photos. Nate and Kate’s 3 year anniversary shoot is the epitome of doing just that and capturing the joy of daily life together as husband and wife.

Spending time together at home is the most intimate you can get and who doesn’t love breakfast in bed!?! What a great idea to photograph those adoring moments that make a bond even stronger. From cooking pancakes together to sharing a cup of coffee and fruit in bed, Sarah Sharpe photography documents Nate and Kate’s ever growing love while they share memories and moments from that past 3 years spent together.


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