My Skincare & Makeup Regimen


I have been getting quite a few requests to share my skin and makeup regimen and the simplicity of it all may surprise you. I am a girl on the go and don’t like to spend time fussing over my makeup so because of that I have developed a pretty quick and easy regimen that keeps my skin moisturized and my makeup from falling off.


Everything that I use for my face and makeup is what I also used while filming my season of ‘The Bachelorette’. With not much time to get ready in between dates and conversations I had to rely on my makeup staying put so that I could focus on more important things… like who my husband could be!

The two most important tips that I live by to keep my skin healthy is a.) moisturize night and day & b.) drink plenty of water. Hydrating within will help you glow without and is the key to keeping your skin from drying up. Also drinking water is good for you for so many other reasons so why not gulp that agua whenever you can.

Skincare products will range depending on your skin. Keep in mind while reviewing the products I use that I have normal to dry skin and these may work different for you.

The tried and true skincare products that I have used since high school:

* Olay daily  moisturizer 

* Olay night cream

* Olay eye cream

New products that I LOVE – to keep my skin even more moisturized and hydrated.

* Skoah face skrub

* Skoah hydradew mask

Less is MORE. Check out the makeup products that get me from day time Des to party Des in the matter of seconds.


Foundation Primer: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – I use this only if I am going to be somewhere humid or for an event that I need my makeup to stay flawless throughout the night. It is the best!

Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is a new find for me and I will never go back to any other foundation. This purchase is so well worth it and no joke really makes my skin feel like silk.

Under-eye brightener: Yves Saint Laurent – one word: Amazing. This is a big buy for me but it is the perfect under-eye brightener that gives bags and puffiness a makeover and I instantly feel and look rejuvenated and awake.

Powder: Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio – I am not picky when it comes to powder but I do like the lightweight and matte finish that this Stila powder gives me.

Bronzer: Sonia Kashuk illuminating bronzer- This is a steal of a deal at Target for the quality of bronze finish it gives. As you can tell I’m due for a new one but this bronzer gives a soft glow without looking too shimmery or gold.

Blush: My favorite blush of all time is this Smashbox warm glow blush color that I used during ‘The Bachelorette’. It’s the perfect color for any skin tone.

eyemakeupEye Shadow: This Stila Eye Shadow Palette has the BEST colors to go from day to night! I haven’t used any other eye shadows since discovering this palette.

Top lid eyeliner: Mac Fluidline and an angled eyeliner brush create the best top eyeliner stroke.

Eyeliner on the go: For my busy schedule I like to use Maybelline’s Line Stiletto for an easy to do stroke for my top eyelid. It creates a great cat eye in the matter of seconds!

Bottom lid eyeliner: Stila’a Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner goes on smooth and lasts all day.

Eyebrow pencil: When it comes to eyebrows, color is key and for me that is Rimmel London’s Professional eyebrow pencil

Lashes: As of right now I have lash extensions on from Noir Lash Lounge and don’t need to wear mascara with them, but see my absolute favorite mascara of all time below.

Mascara: I have used Covergirl mascara for as long as I can remember and have always had long lashes because of this mascara. Covergirl Eyelights mascara has specific colors that go with the color of your eyes and the brush is perfect for long lush eyelashes.

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