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Well, well, well…

You thought I wasn’t going to bring you Chris’s corner! I will have to admit, I try and make these corners as fresh as possible and the day just got away from me yesterday.

BUT! Here we are and here we go. I thought it would be nice to share with you that one place I want to travel in the world. Today. Right now. If I could go I would just go.

Spain! Now I am sure you think I only want to go there because I went there on the show. That’s not the case…entirely. Yes there was a great connection between Des and I there where I drew out our first date on paper for her and where she read me a poem she wrote for me. Yes I had an amazing time playing soccer at Espanol Stadium and staying in that beautiful hotel on the Mediterranean Sea.

If I could go back though, I’d want to do a bit more exploring of the city and surrounding areas with Des! The architecture is beautiful there – La Sagrada Familia, etc. etc. The markets are amazing downtown – Las Ramblas. The sports venues are out of this world! – Barcelona Futbol anyone?! And who doesn’t like to eat and drink a lot when they travel? – mecca for great food and Spanish wine.

Spain is a place to get inspired. It’s a place to reach inside and pull out your inner ARTsy edge. Writing, poetry, art, music. The city literally has it all! Cheese it sounds like I am an ambassador for this city, but really more just a fan!

Ok that is all for me from me this week. If you want to hang out in Chris’s corner next week – come back!

Although you may not know which day it is…

Over and out.


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