Oceanside Engagement Photos


No matter the season, a beach setting is the perfect backdrop for unforgettable engagement photos! The vast beauty of the ocean and beach have so much to offer for a variety of photos to choose from. Whether you’re dressed up, dressed down, in the water or frolicking on the sand, the beach caters to our inner playfulness and shines through in photos.


Rebecca and Brad chose to get dressed up for their oceanside photos captured by Jennifer Brennan Photography. The contrast of evening wear with the beach setting is perfect in so many ways. Their flirtation and affection is adorable as they take a stroll along the Pacific Coast only to stop for a dance in the water and a laugh on the lifeguard stand.


Moulder_Hegemier_Jennifer_Brennan_Photography_11x17croprb_lowMoulder_Hegemier_Jennifer_Brennan_Photography_50A8026_low Moulder_Hegemier_Jennifer_Brennan_Photography_50A8322_low Moulder_Hegemier_Jennifer_Brennan_Photography_50A8352_low Moulder_Hegemier_Jennifer_Brennan_Photography_beachwalkTBLsized_lowMoulder_Hegemier_Jennifer_Brennan_Photography_50A8282_lowMoulder_Hegemier_Jennifer_Brennan_Photography_TBLsizedsunsetengagement_lowMoulder_Hegemier_Jennifer_Brennan_Photography_50A8277_low

If you’re going to do a beach setting for your photos and not sure if it will be clear enough to allow for a beautiful sunset then go out midday for some bright and beautiful photos like Jon and Ali did.  No matter the time of day, the beach offers a natural ambiance that brings out the best in a couple’s chemistry and makes for the best kind of engagement photos.

Photos by Courtney Stockton Photography

Stapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali51717_lowStapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali51711_lowStapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali517128_lowStapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali51794_lowStapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali51788_low Stapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali51734_low Stapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali51724_low Stapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali51722_low Stapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali51710_low Stapleton_McClintock_Courtney_Stockton_Photography_WEBUSEjonandali5176_low

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  • Rebecca Moulder

    Aww Desiree! That’s my fiancé Bradley and me featured at the top! I am so happy you enjoyed our pictures! We had a fantastic time with our photographer! Amazing day! Best wishes to you on your journey! Much love, Rebecca

    • desireehartsock

      Thank you so much! I really love the photos. All the best in your wedding planning. 😉