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Happy Thursday to all you Chris’s Corner followers! If you aren’t spreading the word about Chris’s Corner on Thursdays to your friends, family and coworkers I understand why. You want to keep the news and info for yourself. I get it. I do.

This week I thought it would only be fitting if I wrote/talked/conversed about Father’s Day. After all, it is his day and for that he deserves at least some time in my corner…since I’m in his corner haha.


There are so many things I can say about my dad that I don’t know where to begin, but most importantly is the perspective I’ve learned to keep this entire time. My dad has always been supportive of all my endeavors and for that I am greatly appreciative of him. Whether it was baseball or soccer growing up, he was teaching me the fundamentals of not only the sports, but the mental side of the game allowing me to mature – at points slower than others – and be the man I am today. There were times that my dad and I would play catch or go take batting practice at night, even after he had worked all day. I look forward to that opportunity with my kids! He instilled in me that competition and teamwork were essential in getting ahead and winning in life and that you always had to give it the best you possibly could. For that, I am very thankful.

As I grew older and went out on my own, my relationship with my parents and my dad grew stronger – mostly because they learned how to text, email and FaceTime hahaha. Thankfully though right?! I literally talk to my parents every single day in some fashion. Text saved me. No really. Email is another story! When I went pro I was playing baseball all around the country and because that made it hard for my parents to come to the games, my dad would tune in on the radio everyday and listen to the games while at work or on the weekends doing stuff around the house. When it was my turn to pitch, he would take notes and log every pitch I made, then we would discuss each outing as if he were there. Sometimes (every time) he would even send me the notes to keep. I still have some of those notes!

Long story short, I am thankful to have my dad in my life and look forward to the 40+ more years we have together.

Tune in next week to find out about…

Cliff hanger right?! Haha

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