5 tips for the Best Engagement Photos


Engagement photos are meant to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s life while capturing the chemistry and love they have for each other. In part, the reason why they are getting married. The pictures are then distributed to Grandma and great uncle John to show off to others or the most common usage is for Save the Dates. That means every single guest is going to see one or more of these darling pictures of you and your hunnie so they better be fabulous.

Follow my 5 tips to ensure that you and your man get the images you want.


1.) Be yourselves!!!!

If your not used to being in front of a camera this simple task can become an issue when trying to capture the best photos. If your typically goofy, then be goofy. If you and your man like to do certain activities together then photograph that. The only way to capture the bond that you two have will be to ignore the camera and be yourself. Take direction from the photographer but don’t get lost in it, still add your own personal touch to every pose.


2.) Be prepared.

You want to look your best in your engagement photos but stressing about the details will leave you tired…and that is the last thing we want to capture. Instead just prepare yourself with the timing of the photos. You most likely don’t want to have an all-nighter prior to your photos or if you know work is going to be stressful during a certain week then schedule the photos for another time. Timing is everything when you want to look and feel your best. Others ways to prepare are by sorting out the location(s) and the outfits.


3.) Location, location, location.

The place(s) that you choose to take photos speaks to who you are as a couple so it’s important to decide on a place that will cater to your personalities. Choose a place that means something to you, reminds you of a time you had together, or is the ‘feeling’ of the wedding. You will be the most comfortable and relaxed together if you are familiar with the location or if there is a significance to being there.


4.) Outfits.

These are your photos and no one else’s so choose YOUR favorite outfit(s), aside from what might be trendy or popular. These photos will be looked back at for  years and years to come so let them capture the two of you at your most natural state as an engaged couple.  You want to look like yourself and not a made up version of yourself so stick to the basics. Typically a casual outfit such as jeans and a cute top makes for really adorable day-to-day type photos but then change into something a bit more feminine for a more dressed up look. You will appreciate the variety of photos that comes with changing your outfits. The time of day and weather play a huge part in your photos as well so be sure to look that up so you wear the proper attire and won’t be freezing or sweating during your photos.


5.) Have Fun!!!

 This is a special moment in a couple’s life so enjoy it! Don’t stress about every detail of the photos or what angle is best or if your hair is out of place. Love is the best accessory you have for photos because it is expressed through the eyes and through the affection shown that in turn creates unforgettable images. Flirt a little bit while you’re taking photos, act like high school sweethearts, kiss when you want to, make each other laugh. When you have fun with it, the best and most natural photos can be captured.




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