{Chris’s Corner} Favorites



Welcome back everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying this season of the Bachelorette with Andi and her men!

This week I was thinking about sharing some of my favorite things I like to do – besides be with Des all the time!

Now there are two things I really enjoy doing in the summer. I am sure not all of you will relate, but maybe your significant others might.

1. I. Love. Golf. – in the summer! It’s really more of a love hate relationship, but there is nothing like being out on a beautiful golf course in the middle of summer and breathing in some fresh air, competing with yourself and the people in your group and just having a good time. Just so you know, I am not THAT good YET. But, I am working on it…kind of. They say you need to practice, PRACTICE, practice – but I’d rather play, PLAY, play and see how it goes.

One of these days I might take some lessons and realize I should have done it earlier, but that day hasn’t come yet! You probably think that some of my favorite courses are all around the world like Scotland, Florida, California – NOPE! I thoroughly enjoy the Seattle public courses. Seattle does a great job at keeping them updated and ready to play in the summer. Shout out to Seattle golf!

2. The second thing that I enjoy doing right now might come to you as a surprise, but it really involves a lot of relaxation. I absolutely love being by water. Whether it be on the water, staring at the water or walking/running along the path /beach next to it. The water seems to be calming and allows me to come down from an intense and exciting day at work.

Two weeks ago I was in Bend for a bachelor party and the place we stayed at had kayaks and paddleboards for us to use.We rented a house right on the Deschutes River! It was amazing. At one point I found myself out in a kayak floating around and just BEING. Cosmic right?! Haha. I 100% recommend getting out on or close to water and just sitting and thinking this summer if you have access to it. Let me know if I am going crazy or if you can relate!

That is all for this week everyone! Until next week, have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy some sun or rain or snow or whatever you are about to get!

Corner and Out.

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