‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 4: #LiveLikeEric



Ok, ok, before I get to the meat and potatoes of ‘The Bachelorette’ episode Monday night, I have to get through the veggies of it… so follow along.

One-on-One: Trains and whistles

Andi chooses Dylan for the first one-on-one which is a time for him to tell Andi about his brother and sister that both passed away. It’s a very moving story and will forever be apart of his life so it’s good that he told her. It’s not easy to hear someone pour their heart out about something tragic that has happened in their life but Dylan was open and candid and that kind of vulnerability is important when on this show. To make progress in any relationship walls have to come down to let each other in and since things are accelerated while on The Bachelorette, you have to be willing to break down those walls a whole lot faster than normal. I’m not seeing any sparks or much chemistry between the two of them but am looking forward to see where their relationship goes.

Group Date: Free-throw and a miss


There always has to be a competitive group date. These type of dates can show a man’s true colors if he is more focused on winning and not on the girl he is supposed to be vying for… and it’s just fun to watch grown men compete against each other. Right!!?

Side note: I remember when we had the dodgeball date last season and the one thing that stuck out about Chris was that he was focused more on helping me learn how to throw the ball rather than being better than the other guys that were practicing. I just remembered that and makes me smile, but now back to the date.

Unfortunately the losing team had to go back to the house as ‘losers’ while the winning team got to spend a lot more time with Andi. I’m not sure if I am a fan of this philosophy because every single second is important when trying to figure out who is going to be right for you and that time is limited if half of the men are sent home. But at the same time, that means more time for the men that are there which is equally important. So I suppose it is a win-win either way. To each its own.


Eric and Andi’s time alone seems awkward and not at all where some of the other relationships are.  I thought that they had good chemistry on that first date but chemistry can fade if forgotten. I got the feeling that Andi was irritated when she first starting chatting with him and I’m not sure it got much better by the time they finished talking. I think it’s irritation from a relationship not progressing and that is understandable. Relationships are a two way street so just as much as Eric needs to be open, Andi needs to be open as well in talking about her life, desires, goals. We didn’t see some of the other times they have had together so it’s hard to judge anything based off of that last time but it was obvious that they’re not on the same page.

You can base the other relationships and connections off of the most natural connection she has thus far, with Nick. They act like a couple, which they should, and she always pulls him in more while kissing which is an obvious sign of attraction, that comes with chemistry. She just seems the most comfortable with him which is an even better sign for potential. Like I said before, I’m keeping my eye on these two.

I love when someone comes out of nowhere and makes their way onto the radar. That someone I’m talking about is Brian. He was definitely overlooked in the past couple episodes so it’s nice to see another connection being formed. I’ll have to wait for a one-one-one to get a better read but seems like a genuine guy with genuine intentions.

One-on-one Date: You can do it.


Marcus, sweet soft-spoken Marcus. I’m so glad that Marcus got a one-one-one because it gave him the confidence that he needed to make a difference in their relationship. Being on the side of a building is terrifying and for someone who isn’t afraid of heights, I could barely ease myself over the edge of a smaller building than Andi’s skyscraper, so I know how easy it is to want to say no and get down. Good thing Andi had a great partner there to help encourage her to keep at it and eventually repel down. He seriously talked her off the ledge.

They had a good dinner date and their conversations seem to flow naturally.  I feel like there is still more to this relationship that we will see later but it makes me nervous for Marcus considering that he already has admitted to falling in love with Andi. She still has however many guys there that she is figuring out so her feelings towards him may not be at the same speed just yet. We will see what happens.

Now moving on to the man of the night, Eric.

It took a lot for Eric to approach the conversation with Andi about how he had been feeling. I truly don’t think he had any intention on insulting her and it was disappointing to see how it turned out. I tried to put myself in Andi’s shoes to see how I would have reacted if one of the guys said those things to me and truthfully I’m not sure. The days and weeks for the Bachelor or Bachelorette are completely exhausting. Mentally and emotionally draining as you try to sort out the guy’s feelings and your own while being fatigued. It can be hard dating just one guy let alone 15 so I do feel for her when she breaks down. The truth of the matter is that you do have to be on a schedule, a regimen full of dates, interviews and conversations, along  with the added pressure to say the right thing and do the right thing while staying true to yourself. It’s hard to juggle that pressure because well, it’s not a normal dating environment.

Eric’s comments struck a deeper nerve with Andi and is why she reacted the way she did. Nobody wants to be called ‘fake’ or ‘a TV actress’ especially when you are trying your hardest to just be awake and aware at all times of the day. Eric didn’t mean to say that she was a ‘fake’ person but that there are times when he couldn’t see the same Andi that was on their first date. It’s not being fake, he was just seeing different sides and that is normal in this given environment. Andi can’t be the fun loving girl she is when she is at a rose ceremony about to send someone home, and can’t be flirty with just one guy while all the guys are around. There is a lot to being the lead that is beyond what you see and every lead will handle it differently. That is the beauty of individuality!

There was no letting up or redeeming the conversation once Andi was offended so I felt for Eric because he wouldn’t be able to explain what he meant without hurting her more. Sometimes things are just lost in translation but there was no coming back from that conversation. I never wanted to see Eric go home because he seemed like such a wonderful guy with an adventurous and loving spirit. It breaks my heart that he has passed but his love for life will continue on. He was put on this show for a reason and I believe that reason is to show you and I how to live life to the fullest. Thank you Eric. RIP Our prayers are with his friends and family.

I was hoping that Eric’s life would have been commemorated more at the end but it was good that they chose to address it rather than not mention it at all.  I would like to honor his life with a simple collage and you can find out more about his life and foundation at GowithEric.com


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