‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 3: Boyz-or-Men?


I know, I know.. I am a little late to the Bachelorette party with my recap but since there was an episode on Sunday and Monday and I was away both days I have to slowly catch up in between work. I was brought up to speed a little last night (and more this morning) to episode 4 in which all of my dreams came true. I didn’t just love listening and dancing to Boyz II Men back in the day; I lived Boyz II Men music. I may have only been in 4th grade but that’s besides the point. It was ahhh-mazing to have them featured on a group date and hear everyone’s ‘real’ voice… that we will get to in a  bit.

Anyways, let’s get onto Andi’s first one-on-one date with Nick V.


Although the extravagant dates and helicopters are a perk and a once in a lifetime opportunity, the simple more normal dates are just as fabulous. You get to enjoy time with someone on a ‘normal’ date which helps to see what it would be like together aside from the glitz and glam.  The connection that these two have is apparent and not just a physical attraction but something deeper. I like to see that early on because it can be easy to let a physical connection get in the way of becoming a more emotional one. Having both connections are extremely important so I will be keeping my eye on both of them to see how their relationship progresses.

Like many (most) people that first go on the show, Nick is skeptical of the process and that’s ok. It’s still early on and I would say that at first (on The Bachelor) I was a skeptic and Chris will admit that he was as well. But once you feel a connection, have real conversation, and start to build a relationship, true feelings start to emerge and with that the skepticism disappears and you realize that this can work.

Andi likes him, you can tell, and I like that Nick admitted that he has a crush on her. Just as much as she should validate the men for vying for her love (which she does), they should affirm their feelings even more so that she knows how they feel in order to make decisions. Overall, it was a sweet date.

Group Date: Motownphilly Karaoke


I will be the first to say that you NEVER want to hear my ‘real’ singing voice. It’s beyond terrible! So with that said, I give each and everyone of the guys and Andi props for getting up there and butchering one of my favorite songs with such confidence and poise. It was good to see that not one of the guys were embarrassed or afraid to get out there and make fun of themselves. That is a good sign. At the cocktail portion of the night it seems like the relationships or conversations at least are moving along and the connections are forming. I absolutely love that Andi pulled that joke on Cody. You could tell that he was about to get angry but she was so believable! A girl after my own heart. Two men stand out to me on this date or at least ones I noticed more were Josh and Marcus.

Marcus seems like a hopeless romantic with such a sweet soul. You can tell that he just adores Andi and so badly wants her to feel the same way. Since he’s not the only guy in her life right now though I feel like his feelings could get in the way of his confidence once he starts to see other connections forming right in front of him. It happens and honestly only the confident survive. Of all the men so far, I feel like his heart could be the most broken if it doesn’t work out and that makes me want to cheer him on for some reason but at the end of the day Andi will choose who she can picture her life with.

Josh and Andi would make a beautiful couple together and their physical connection is on point. It helps that they seem comfortable together and I noticed that Josh just goes in for a kiss so naturally as if they have been dating for awhile. That was a plus in my book. Women like a man that will be assertive.

One-one-one with JJ: Let’s Grow Old Together


JJ is awesome. He is funny, outgoing, quirky and completely himself with Andi. This date was one of the more simple ones without any extravagant activities but also why it was one of my all-time favorites! Dressing up as old people would be so fun and it was hilarious and entertaining to watch them ask people to take their photos and pass the football.  JJ was the best person for this date and it just looked like such a fun time. A great way to take a break from all of the conversations and full days she has been having.  Their fun time together during the day set the tone right for the rest of the date and JJ felt comfortable to open up and share more about his fears or insecurities. I love anyone who is different and stands apart so I hope he continues to embrace his uniqueness.

Rose ceremony: ‘It’s hard to say good-bye’

This is about the week that drama and tension between the men (or women) starts to form so I’m not surprised that we are seeing it start at this rose ceremony. Andrew got a girl’s number when the guys went out to eat the first week and that has some of the men upset, rightfully so. If he is there for the ‘right reasons’ and is focused on his relationship with Andi then he would not have gotten a number from someone else. I like that Josh and JJ both confront him about it because that did show Andrew’s true colors by running away from it. Regardless of it being the first week or first day, he shouldn’t even be thinking about other girls if he’s serious about being there but at the same time I don’t see anything happening with him and Andi anyways so better now than later that she gets found out.

I will be re-capping last night’s episode tomorrow so stay tuned!

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