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Bachelorette Corner! Just kidding it’s Chris’s Corner.

Don’t get confused “y’all.” Get it? Andi says y’all a lot and I like it. This week I’ve decided to jump right into the meat and potatoes of what I think the guys should do and how they should be for and in front of Andi. Now I’m no expert…but sometimes people confuse me for a love doctor. I know, I know I don’t usually wear the white coat. Mine is red and full of hearts haha!

I think it would be best if I gave you my two cents this week. From what I’ve seen, she has a very eclectic group of guys. Never doubt the scouts or the producers, ever! But when watching, you always have to question the guys and their motives right? I mean, are they there to find love? To be reality TV famous? The most important thing I can tell the guys, even though it’s already been filmed but this will hold true in their real lives as well as the show continues to air, is be YOURSELF! Just be yourself. Pretty simple right? Well not if you are “that guy” and can’t help but make a scene. Don’t be yourself in that situation. Be someone else. Don’t be “that guy.”

It is so important to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you could see yourself with Andi for the rest of your life. If the answer is YES then really dig deep and find out what it is about her that makes you drawn to her so much. Ask her those tough questions that aren’t typically asked until you’ve been in a relationship for at least one year. Ask her where she wants to be in five years, how many kids she wants to have, does she want to have a family, etc. etc. These are all very important if you are going to make it work! When will you ever have the opportunity again to ask such serious questions right out the gate without the possibility of scaring someone off? Now by no means am I saying if you are feeling a good vibe with someone you are dating that you can’t ask these questions. But, this environment – The Bachelor/Bachelorette – thrives off those questions and puts one in the position to get the opportunity to ask those questions! So ASK!

The biggest thing I did was stick to my gut. I knew that there was something between Des and I that I hadn’t found anywhere else and I continued to ask questions and find out more about her as the show progressed. I saw her in my future and wanted to make certain she was the one for me before I got down on one knee. Getting down and proposing is a BIG commitment right?! It’s an eternal commitment that is something that we will work on and improve and love each other for the rest of our lives and I am happy to say that sticking with my gut was a great decision.

So let me wrap this up for you. I hope you continue to tune in to Chris’s corner as the show progresses. I won’t always be writing about the show, but if something catches my eye I will certainly let you know what I think!

Until next time, enjoy the rest of your week without The Bachelorette. Only four my days! haha. Be sure to check out my new blog at www.chrissiegfried.com. The relevance is a little different in that it applies to my work, but HEY, you might know someone who is interested!

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