‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 2: Snow Fights & Pony Rides



It has come full circle as we now get to watch Andi as the new Bachelorette find love in a pool of men. I feel so blessed and lucky to have been the previous Bachelorette and to have met Chris. The process really does work and I can definitely see one of these men sweeping Andi off her feet. Now let’s get to last night’s episode.

Everyone anticipates that first date card to arrive and of course everyone thinks that their name is on it. They have already planned out what they are going to wear along with the possibilities of what the date could be. I know that’s what the ladies do, and these men aren’t too far off. I mean the majority of these guys could win awards for their confidence. The group date is a great visual for that but we will get to that later.

For now let’s take a moment to honor Eric Hill’s life. After learning of his passing, just like every other Bachelor follower, I looked him up and  I couldn’t help but be inspired by his ambition and love for life. While we watch him for however many episodes he will continue on, we shouldn’t focus on a life that was lost but of the life that was lived and see that passion through his eyes. A beautiful soul that truly wanted to experience life for what it could be. By traveling and visiting other countries he had a unique perspective that I believe we all need in life at times. To know that the world is far larger than ourselves and that this bubble we may live in is not the norm. Our prayers are with his family during this tough time. Let’s #LiveLikeEric.

Sand & Snow: One-On-One Date


Eric was a great choice for a first date. He’s open, adventurous, easy to talk to and not bad to look at either. They seemed comfortable with each other right away while playing on the beach and I really liked his demeanor. The fact that they were on the beach and then took a helicopter up to snow on a mountain is incredible and reminds me.. oh yeah, this is The Bachelorette. They can do anything! It’s fun to watch first dates because just as you get anxious and nervous to go on a first date with a guy you like, these men get just as nervous. If not more since cameras are on them. By now Andi is used to the cameras and you can see that she isn’t afraid to be herself.

The only thing that I noticed as these two said good-bye was that she made sure to only hug him when he was close to a kiss. Either she didn’t want to kiss on the first date which is respected or she is still in the ‘friendly’ zone with Eric and may not have the same attraction or chemistry as she ends up having with Chris on his first date. Just something I noticed and could be nothing but those little things are fun to observe, especially if I am going to narrow it down to figure out who she ends up with.

Bachelors Gone Wild: Group Date


Okay, so these first group dates can be overwhelming with the amount of men you have to pay attention to so what better way to get to know them then have them take off their clothes? It didn’t take much convincing to get these guys into their skivvies and show off their pelvic thrusts for Andi. I mean, 6 packs and biceps for days doesn’t hurt in this type of competition and not one of them was lacking in that department. The only thing Craig was lacking on this date was a babysitter. How does a grown man not know his alcohol limit!? It amazes me every season that one person can’t put down the bottle once they know they have had too much. Producers don’t force anything down your throat and no one else is that hammered so there can only one person to blame. Chris Harrison. haha. J/K. Only themselves !

I couldn’t handle Craig that night acting like a 5 year old and it was a distraction for Andi while trying to get to know everyone else. I hope that he watched himself last night and vows to never drink that much again. There’s no way that he was going to last another rose ceremony after that but his ‘sorry’ song to Andi was thoughtful enough to get him out of being the worst drunk there has ever been on The Bachelorette.

I liked getting to know Marcus, I think he will be one to watch as he comes out of his shell a bit and Marquel just seems like a fun guy to be around so I hope Andi keeps him around too.

Pony Rides & Races: One-On-One Date


SO glad to see Chris on the second one-on-one date with Andi. Not only is his name Chris (which makes me like him more) but I had the second date on Sean’s season so I already feel like we are bff’s. This date was adorable and I loved Andi’s 40’s glam and his race track attire. And how about that older couple!? So cute and awesome to see how true love can withstand the test of time. I hope that for Andi as well. The attraction between Andi and Chris is definitely apparent as she goes in for the kiss while dancing. I imagine him staying a long time but if he doesn’t end up as Andi’s then I think he would make a great Bachelor. What do you think?

Roses are Red

It was pretty obvious who was going to be sent home last night so no surprise there. Craig, Nick S., and Carl. Except for the fact that who was Carl? I didn’t even know there was a Carl in the mix till his good-bye. haha. But I do wish those three guys all the best.

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