Spain Storybook {Wedding}


Federica i Diego 305

When I think about love and the euphoria that comes a long with it I am taken to a storybook land, a painting of pure romance. What I see is a bride and groom in a picturesque land where love is their only necessity.  This is the wedding of Federica and Diego. Wedding Art Photography captures their beautiful Girona, Spain wedding as if it is a fairytale and we are reading their love story through the eyes of a lens.

Federica i Diego 009 Federica i Diego 015

Federica i Diego 001Federica i Diego 088Federica i Diego 114Federica i Diego 055Federica i Diego 058Federica i Diego 079Federica i Diego 098 Federica i Diego 129 Federica i Diego 146Federica i Diego 153Federica i Diego 165Federica i Diego 171Federica i Diego 169Federica i Diego 177 Federica i Diego 187 Federica i Diego 178Federica i Diego 331Federica i Diego 335Federica i Diego 326Federica i Diego 312Federica i Diego 342Federica i Diego 189Federica i Diego 252Federica i Diego 211 Federica i Diego 250 Federica i Diego 234 Federica i Diego 227Federica i Diego 269Federica i Diego 267Federica i Diego 258Federica i Diego 461Federica i Diego 415Federica i Diego 522 Federica i Diego 473 Federica i Diego 520 Federica i Diego 427 Federica i Diego 553 Federica i Diego 408

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  • This is beautiful! I absolutely love the bride’s hairstyle and that it looks like an intimate wedding and reception full of fun with family and many beautiful toasts and memories! P.S. Congratulations on the blog, and thank you so much for the Twitter follow! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that :)! Sukey at DFTW

  • HOllaa!!! que pasada de fotografías, todos los momentos de la Boda captada con mucho emoción, un gran fotógrafo que he captado estas fotografías. Gracias 🙂