Bachelorette Party Ideas


In honor of the new season of ‘The Bachelorette’ that is premiering tonight on ABC with Andi Dorfman, I must offer up some Bachelorette party ideas for your celebration to come!

It is your last time out with all of your girlfriends as a single lady so you might as well live it up and go all out! Also it is the best time for your girls to celebrate your nuptials as friends and not as bridesmaids with a job to do on the wedding day. Everyone is relaxed, excited and ready for a good time. We are all very different with unique interests so make sure your girls know what you want to do and how you want to celebrate with them. Try some of these ideas for your night out!

The Traveler: Take a weekend trip to your favorite vacation spot or new place you want to see.


The Beach Lover: Get a beach rental for the weekend with all of your girls for some fun in the sun and Bachelorette BBQ on the beach.


The Wino: Wine Tasting!


The Partier: Vegas Party or limo night out in own city.


The Theme lover: Barbies, wigs, sparkles and sequins, playboy bunnies, tutu’s and tiaras, etc. Whatever your heart desires!


The Fitness Phene: Surf camp or Yoga retreat.


The Romantic: Try a sleepover (like them good ole’ days) complete with all the goodies including movie night of Pride & Prejudice and The Notebook. Might need some tissues with that as well. Those tear jerkers!


The Outdoor Lover: Create a camping trip full of hiking, s’mores and story telling.


The Pamperer: Spa and relaxation with all of your favorite friends.


Have a fabulous time!!

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