{Chris’s Corner} Q & A Takeover



You took to Facebook and Twitter to ask Chris and I your questions and we are here to answer some of them for you! If your question isn’t listed, have no fear, we will post some more answers for you in the coming weeks.

Also for all of you avid Chris’s Corner followers, Chris will have a fresh new post for you next Thursday so come on back for more of his adorable ramblings.

Amber J.: How did you know the relationship would work outside of the show? And what are your tips for keeping a relationship strong?

D: Chris and I always had similar interests and same sense of humor so regardless of the cameras I knew that our chemistry would go beyond the show. I find that keeping a relationship strong truly comes from validating and affirming each other. Communication is key but not just talking, it’s important to understand how your partner shares their feelings and frustrations also.

C: I knew the relationship outside of the show would work because of the conversation and similar values we share aligned. I agree with Des that one of the tips to keep a relationship strong is communication.

@auntieto24h :what is one place that you have not gone to that you want to go to?

D: I have always wanted to visit India. The colorful saris and culture are intriguing. I also want to go to Bali, South America, Australia, Greece and Africa.. and the list goes on.

C: Greece or Ireland

@LeslieHambly2h are you designing your wedding dress?

D: Yes! I will be designing my own wedding dress in collaboration with Maggie Sottero, along with a capsule collection of wedding gowns. Read more about the collection  HERE.

@mickdensmith13h When is the next podcast with Jason cathy  and maybe  des along with molly as well

C: We are trying to do a podcast once a week so stay tuned. To post Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

?@merlzed11h when @AndiDorfman season starts, are you gonna post blogs about the episodes?

D: Yes, I will recap the show each Tuesday on the blog. Andi’s great so I’m excited to watch.

@YozviakKari  what is the most surprising thing you learned about each other so far?

D: Chris has a nose like a dog and can smell ANYTHING! It’s pretty impressive actually.

C: How much of a hard worker Des is. Didn’t realize till living together.

?@tiffanynpreston my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship for a long period of time. any tips/advice?

D: Skype/ Facetime as often as possibe- even if it is while you’re cooking, cleaning, studying, or anything so that it feels like you are sharing your day with each other. Also go to the same movie at the same time so that you can talk about it after and feel connected.

C: Des and I would Facetime while cooking the same meal together. I actually wrote about it in a past blog HERE.

Samantha Fricker Where do you see yourself in 20 years after the wedding and all the bachelor stuff is in the past?

D: I see myself as a wife and mother of a few kids, designing gowns and painting in my spare time. Also traveling whenever we get the chance.

C: Retired, living in Seattle overlooking a body of water and watching my kids play sports.

Katrina O’Daniel Describe each other in one word.

D: Communicative… and handsome! couldn’t keep it at just one.

C: Passionate

Joei M. Describe a normal day for both of you individually. What do you guys like to do on the weekends together?

D: Coffee, breakfast, emails, workout, blog, more emails, then in my sewing room rest of the day working on dresses until Chris gets home. If we are home on a weekend then we like to be outside taking a stroll or drive and hang with friends.

C: Workout, breakfast, head to my office (with an awesome view), home, relax,  dinner with Des, patio or movie.

Catherine S. What hobbies do you two enjoy doing together?

D: I enjoy sitting out on our porch on a nice day to eat our breakfast, have a cup of coffee or glass of wine after work with dinner to relax and talk about our day. So I guess my favorite hobbies are eating and drinking? lol.

C: Hiking when we can, and checking out nearby neighborhoods to learn more about Seattle together.

Now on to the most asked question of all time…

@DonnaTaylor494h When in the heck are you two going to get married?

*Glad you asked. We will be getting married tomorrow down at the courthouse and everyone is invited!! haha j/k. We are working on finalizing a date and will announce it when the time is right for us.

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