{Engagement} Dog Friendly


Dog is man’s best friend. This is true. Dogs are there for you no matter what is on TV, they entertain in time of boredom, they know when they have been bad, and are quick to cheer you up as you walk in the door. They really become a best friend when you have one, so why not include your best friend in your engagement photos?

That is precisely what Tamela and Justin decided to do.


I love how their photos captured by Black Box Photography tell a fun love story. Almost as if in steps. First comes the flirting…


… then the infatuation.


… then comes a cute lil’ dog that crosses their path.


… Of course she asks if she can keep the dog.


… He says yes to the dog, and well she says yes when he pops the big question.


… And then they become an adorable family with wedding bells in their future.

Savage_Clark_Black_Box_Photography_edits030_lowSavage_Clark_Black_Box_Photography_edits045_lowvgpqb36phonmmrmd3e10_low Savage_Clark_Black_Box_Photography_edits046_low Savage_Clark_Black_Box_Photography_edits048_low Savage_Clark_Black_Box_Photography_edits051_low Savage_Clark_Black_Box_Photography_edits057_low Savage_Clark_Black_Box_Photography_edits059_low Savage_Clark_Black_Box_Photography_edits060_low

…. They live happily ever after. The end.

I just love it! Can I get a dog now?

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