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Live from ANTIGUA!

How is everyone doing? I don’t want to start off Chris’s Corner by telling you that I am sitting on the beach in the Caribbean…oh wait! I am sitting on the beach in the Caribbean right now with Des enjoying some sun and getting rid of my P.N.W. glow! Ok, ok I’ll stop talking about how beautiful this place is and how beautiful my fiancée is and how lucky I am to be on vacation right now and get right to it.

Over the years I’ve developed a very good skill. As you now, or if you don’t by now, I played baseball in college and professionally for a grand total of about eight years. In those eight years I had to really learn how to travel lightly! You guessed it! This blog is about travel tips that stuck with me over the years and that I still use to this day! You see, I literally had to live out of a suitcase during professional baseball for four years because I had no idea where I would be from day to day. There was always the possibility of a promotion, trade, demotion (although you never think about that one) around the corner and you had to be ready at the drop of a hat.

During the show I, once again, had to be ready to leave every rose ceremony. We literally had our bags packed every week just in case we were sent home. I was not worried though. Haha. Because I had to carry my expansive wardrobe of colored t-shirts, hoodies and the occasional suit I had to learn how to run a “tight ship.” I wasn’t the guy with all of those shoes. I stuck to the Sperry’s and other slip on shoes that were easy to pack and great with everything. Now you might think my tricks are a miracle and I suggest you try them on your next trip. OR, you might think everyone does this and that is fine. You’re still reading and I still have your attention haha!

My trick comes in the two pieces. Three pieces if you include suits and nice shirts.

  1. I always roll my clothes. I first fold them very neat so that I can limit the wrinkles that are definitely going to happen, then I roll them like my favorite sushi restaurant in Ballard rolls their rolls! Perfect.
  2. I keep certain articles of clothing together, dividing the suitcase in to multiple sections. The socks go with the socks. Who rolls socks though. The Shirts are in the shirt section…pants are in the other corner. Underwear…you get the picture! This helps me go right to where I need to be in my suitcase in case I am in a hurry. It also makes me feel like I am going into my drawers at home.
  3. Last – Suits and dress clothes are hard. I once was taught that you have to fold your suits in half, along with your shirts. But first, you individually wrap each of the articles with the dry cleaning bags – you know the clear, plastic ones – then fold them and lay them on top of everything. Last!

I can honestly say that these “out of this world” tricks are what kept me organized throughout my travels and kept me around on the show for Des to fall more in love with me! I mean, she never saw me in a wrinkled shirt! Hahaha.

Ok I better get going. Des is looking at me like it is time to jump in the water! Until next week, Adios!


PS. Be sure to stop by next week for a recap on how our amazing trip to Antigua went. We will let you in on some of the awesome things we are getting to do and are about to do!

PSS. Also, if you haven’t shared the love, share it! Tell your friends to tune in and check out my corner every Thursday! Jason Mesnick and I are also going to be podcasting together every week. I will let you know more about that next Thursday and where to find us/it.

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