{7 Days of Swimwear} Day 5: One-Pieces


One-pieces are on the rise and I am loving it! These styles flatter, cover and will make you want to hit the beach or pool a whole lot more. I love the cut outs that add appeal and interest to these styles and the fact that anyone can wear them! They are no longer subjected to women who are more conservative or just want to cover up, they are seriously for all women, all shapes and sizes. Now you can find the perfect one-piece!


If you have been following the ‘7 Days of Swimwear’ then you will know that I can’t get enough of coral! This gathered swimsuit is perfect for any shape and the strapless top is what you need to have no tan lines.

Of course black is the best color to flatter and feel great in so I am including quite a few black ones. A plunging neckline one-piece is definitely for the women that wants to cover the mid section while still feeling sexy in her swimsuit. I would only recommend this style if you know that your bust can be contained by that top. If you know what I mean!

I adore the skirt-like suits that almost look like a little dress. These are great if you are more concerned about taking the focus off of your butt and hips and really showcases the waist. Ruffle one-piece, Bustierre one-piece. The striped suit is patterned perfectly to create a slimmer look.

onepiece4Cut-outs are a girl’s best friend. That is because the overall hour-glass shape is more prenounced and makes the waist look smaller. I truly think these styles are the best of both worlds and are a great alternative to wearing a bikini. Coral, Floral, White.onepieceOk, so I will say it again. Black is the BEST color to slim and flatter that is why I had to share a few more. These variations look like they came straight off the runway. I love the embroidered detail and the illusion cut-outs still offer a lot of coverage.

If one-pieces aren’t what you are looking for then head over to the previous days that include Beach Swimwear, Solids, Floral Swimwear, and Black swimwear.


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