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Well hey HEY everyone! You know what day it is? Thursday! Chris’s corner day! The day after Hump Day! Congratulations on making it this far into the week. Now you get to sit back, relax and let your mind wonder to paradise as I take you on a vacation journey! The next two weeks, corners, blogs are going to be related to vacations because Des and I are headed back to Antigua to celebrate our one year Anniversary! What do you think about that Mr. Reality Steve! Just kidding.

Let’s get down to it. As I said earlier, we are headed to Antigua next week to enjoy some sun, beach and eachother. But don’t get us wrong, we’ve earned this one. You see, everyday we are working hard to make a living like you (or pass tests like you for you younger friends) and we thought it was time to reward ourselves with a nice little vacation to break up the daily grind. I personally think this is completely necessary. Vacations are a time to turn off your mind, enjoy life and your significant other and just RELAX! We all need to RELAX just a little bit more right?!

Des and I decided to choose Antigua because we shared so much emotion there and it’s the place where we got engaged! Some fun facts about Antigua. They have beautiful beaches, great people, great Pina Coladas, Catamarans (which we will be doing and taking pictures of to share with you), and we like it there haha. People always ask us where our favorite places were on the show and if we would ever go back to those places. Honestly, we loved all of them. After Antigua we want to get back to Spain for a vacay to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the lifestyle there…with eachother and not 10 other dudes. haha.

A year ago in Antigua!IMG_5181

Another thing I want to start, and this will be more down the road when we have kids and are married, is an annual vacation spot where we can go to build memories every year! Growing up, my parents always took us to Sunriver just outside of Bend, Oregon. I have so many fond memories of Sunriver and I want to start those with Des and some kiddos some day.

How about you all? Where are your favorite places to go to for vacation? Do you and your family have a place that you always go to every year? Is there a vacation spot that you want to go to but haven’t had the chance to yet because of some reason? Reach out and let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

Remembe how last week I told you big things were happening very soon and that I was on to bigger and better things? Well as of today I am officially out on my own as a Mortgage Consultant/Loan Officer at HomeStreet Bank! That’s right! I couldn’t be more excited. The last two years have been great and I’ve learned so much, but it is time to do this on my own for HomeStreet. Did I mention my view is Lake Union? Des and I are still going to stay in Seattle. We are planted in the ground here and aren’t going anywhere. Anyway, I will let you know when I have my new site up and running and so you can check it out when it is ready.

Thanks again everyone for heading over to the Corner Spot and let us know what your thoughts are.

Until next week when I will be sharing my personal travel tips from beautiful Antigua…

Have a great week!


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