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chris-cornerI’m going, going back, back to Chris’s Corner, Corner!

Welcome back everyone! Thank you for taking time to hang out with me on the second best day of the week. Second to Hump Day obviously. Chris’s Corner Day.

This week is coming to you straight from Chris’s Corner aka my living room. I thought it would be fun to talk about picking the right guy…s…for the groomsmen in the wedding. As you know, Des and I are working on putting our wedding together. We are very excited to get married. In fact, we can’t wait! We are still working on the details and dates, but for the time being we are enjoying some of the fun things that will make it very special. Part of the planning is picking the guys for the wedding. This is hard because if you are like me you want to have everybody you know involved!

That is just not realistic. We’d have about 20 guys on the left and 20 gals on the right! Stage left and stage right that is. So now I am stuck with this predicament. Who do I pick? I personally think that the guys you pick are made up of those who you can share anything with, spend the most time with and the guys that know you the best now. Over the years you’ve made many friends – grade school, high school, college, work, etc. Everyone is going to have a good time – that is a given.

You can’t worry about hurting people’s feelings because it’s your day and if you feel like some people should be in your wedding and other should just be at your wedding, then that is your choice. My oh my the most contentious part of the wedding haha. At the end of the day you have to remember that your friends will understand. They have to.

Now it is time for a shout out! There are about six weddings, not including our own, that Des and I are going to this year. As of yesterday, our buddy Chase may have added to that list and proposed to his girlfriend Lauren. This is a great couple. They are always happy, positive and just plain old fun to be around. Chase, will you be in my wedding?

They are a great couple and will be great together! Congrats to the happy newly engaged couple!

This is where I say my goodbye to you all. Thank you for stopping by. It is always a pleasure to have you in my corner. Let us know what you would like to hear about next week and maybe we can take your suggestions and put them to use!

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Over and Out.

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